Lords of the Fallen can now be preloaded on PS5.


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  • With just 2 days left until its launch, players can preload Lords of the Fallen on PS5.
  • The size of the game is currently around 33 GB, which can be easily downloaded before the release.
  • Like the upcoming Souls, the game will hit stores on October 13. PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Lords of the Fallen is now preloaded on PS5 and will likely be available on other platforms soon (thanks, Gehrman_Parl). The game currently sits at around 33GB, which players should have no problem downloading before release. As for the players who haven’t got the option yet, it is advised to check the availability in your region.

Lords of the Fallen PS5 Preload – by u/Gehrman_Paarl.

Games too Recently received the launch trailer., giving fans a jaw-dropping look ahead of the release. It’s been almost a decade since the first game, and fans still seem very excited for the title. One user commented on the trailer:We are entering a golden age of spiritualism. Keep them coming!It’s been a great year for Soul fans, and it looks like the next title from Hexworks will continue that.

We had great releases like Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, Remnant 2, Lies of P, and the upcoming Lords of the Fallen. Each of these titles has offered its own flavor to the soul-like genre, and fans are excited to see what the upcoming title has in store. The game has been brewing for a long time, so expectations are higher than ever.

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Lords of the Fallen is an RPG developed by Hackworks and published by CI Games. The upcoming Souls-like game is a successor to the 2014 game with the same name. It is slated to release on 13 October 2023. PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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