Lords of the Fallen: Best Starting Classes (Top 4)


Lords of the Fallen is easily one of the best soul games out there. It’s based on Unreal Engine 5, offers some of the best features found in FromSoftware’s games, and lets players choose one of nine starting classes at the start. The diversity in each class characterizes the entire gameplay, such as choosing a melee class for hand-to-hand combat versus a ranged class that prefers to kill only from a distance. Choosing one of the nine classes can be difficult, and that’s why I’ve listed four of the best Lords of the Fallen classes in the game here.

The best starting classes in Lords of the Fallen

Here is one A review of the best Lords of the Fallen classes, featuring Strength, Agility, Endurance, Life, Aura, and Inferno’s starting stats..

Serial Number Class statistics Hallowed Night Orion preacher Biased Udirangr Warwolf
1 power 12 10 13 16
2 Agility 8 8 12 10
3 endurance 15 9 12 13
4 Vitality 11 11 12 10
5 shine 9 18 8 8
6 hell 8 8 8 8

1. Holy Knight

Hallowed Night (photographed by Irfan)
Initializing class statistics Value
power 12
Agility 8
endurance 15
Vitality 11
shine 9
hell 8

The Hallowed Knight, an epitome of medieval chivalry, Highest endurance in nine classes In Lords of the Fallen. Ideal for beginnersthis class offers a forgiving learning curve, allowing players to absorb more damage before dying.

Starting at level 15.Hollowed Knight boasts great. Strength and enduranceActivating the skill of a Powerful sword with durability. In close combat, this class dominates, providing multiple swings of stamina reserve without exhausting. Armed with a unique hand grenadethe Halod Knight excels at dealing area-of-effect damage, making them a force to be reckoned with in group matches.

The Halod Knight is equipped with the following starting gear:

  • Holy Knight Sword
  • Holy Knight Shield
  • hand grenade
  • Holy Knight’s Helm
  • Holy Knight Gauntlets
  • Hallowed night leggings
  • Holy Knight Armor
Starting objects
  • Briostone Pair x3
  • Motivational skull
  • Lampbearer’s Rosary
  • Sanguinarix
  • Umbrella lamp

2. Orion preacher

Orion Preacher (Photo by eXputer Staff Writer)
Initializing class statistics Value
power 10
Agility 8
endurance 9
Vitality 11
shine 18
hell 8

Orion Preacher, Lords of the Fallen Premier An advanced class focused on magicwields a powerful hammer that deals Holy lossScale with Radiance Magic Stat. Equipped with Radiant Flare and a shield for backup, the Preacher excels at this. Range of holy attacksemphasizing distance and agility

Despite challenging mana management, the class offers a variety of Radiant spells, Providing both offense and defense. With high brightness, moderate life, and power, Orion Preacher caters to strategic players looking for a unique magic-based experience.

Here’s a quick look at the full gear of the Orion Preacher, easily one of the best starting classes in Lords of the Fallen.

Weapons and spells
  • Orion preacher hammer
  • Orion preacher shield
  • Orion Preacher Catalyst
  • Radiant Flare Spell
  • Orion Preacher Garb
  • Orion preacher’s hat
  • Orion Preacher Skirt
  • Orion preacher rappings
Starting objects
  • Lampbearer’s Rosary
  • Sanguinarix
  • Small Manastone Cluster x5
  • Umbrella lamp

3. Biased

Partisan (Photo by eXputer Staff Writer)
Initializing class statistics Value
power 13
Agility 12
endurance 12
Vitality 12
shine 8
hell 8

In Lords of the Fallen the Partisan lives up to its description as a “strong and reliable all-rounder class”. With evenly distributed points in strength, agility, endurance, and vitality, It’s a jack-of-all-trades, perfect for beginners. And I believe Lords of the Fallen has the potential to be a great starter class for players coming from the soul-spawn genre.

The class provides the flexibility to experiment with different constructions, offering balanced initialization with a Decent flail, strong shield, and a crossbow for ranged attacks. As an excellent all-rounder, Partisan is a wise choice for those learning Lords of the Fallen. Level 12.

When playing with the Partisan class in Lords of the Fallen you will get this starting gear:

  • Partisan flail
  • Partisan Shield
  • The Partisan Crossbow
  • Partisan Armor
  • Partisan gauntlets
  • Partisan hood
  • Partisan leggings
Starting objects
  • Lampbearer’s Rosary
  • Revised bolts
  • Sanguinarix
  • Umbrella lamp
  • x3 raw berries

4. Udirangr Warwolf

Udirangr Warwolf (Image courtesy of eXputer Staff Writer)
Initializing class statistics Value
power 16
Agility 10
endurance 13
Vitality 10
shine 8
hell 8

Udirangr reigns as the most powerful of the Warwolf Lords of the Fallen. Highest power stat among classes. A true glass cannon, it excels in offensive power but fails in defense due to its light armor. Great swordsmanship is his specialty, with a combination of high strength and endurance.

Unusual and powerful, the Warwolf takes down enemies in a few hits, though managing health is crucial. Equipped with a hatchet for ranged attacks, it offers a high-risk, high-reward playstyle for fans of the soul-spawning genre.

Here are the weapons, armor and items for the Adiranger Warwolf, the best starting class in Lords of the Fallen:

  • Udirangr Warwolf Sword
  • The bloody hatchet
  • Udirangr Warwolf Armor
  • Udirangr Warwolf Hood
  • Udirangr Warwolf sleeve
  • Udirangr Warwolf Pants
Starting objects
  • Lampbearer’s Rosary
  • Minor Fire Salts x2
  • Sanguinarix
  • Umbrella lamp


Lords of the Fallen Playtime (Photo by Xporter Staff Writer)

Playing Lords of the Fallen approx 6 hours now, as seen in the image above.I get to try everything Nine classes To see how each one fares against the early game challenges. It’s safe to say that the Halod Knight is great for hand-to-hand combat against enemies and bosses. This early class is also excellent in tanking damage with or without a shield.

On the other hand, players are looking for the best shiny starting class in Lords of the Fallen. Orion should go with Preacher, and I recommend it. You don’t doubt your choice. You’ll easily dominate most encounters with this ranged class before you start shading emotes to really grind and smooth out your character.

This concludes my rundown of the Lords of the Fallen top four classes to allow players to choose and dive into the game’s Umbral and Axum worlds.

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