Lords of the Fallen: Best Power Weapon (Top 5)


Lords of the Fallen has. 12 different types of weapons, and among them, many scales with power. This kind of weapon deals a lot of damage, and is one of the most loved. In Lords of the Fallen, there are many options available, so choosing the best powered weapon is difficult.

Key takeaways

  • among all Weapons of PowerI’ve ranked the five best ones I could find in Lords of the Fallen.
  • Weapons are ranked in Lords of the Fallen by their value, and the best Loyal bludgeon.
  • Faithful Bludgeon has low stat requirements, and deals a lot of physical damage.
  • The other great thing about Faithful Bludgeon is that it can. burn on enemies.
  • The downside to the Faithful Bludgeon would be that it is not a welcoming weapon for beginners.
  • The importance of the weapon is high because of this. Mass loss and the effect of status.
  • If you don’t like Faithful Bludgeon, then Yellow Butcher’s Blade This is also an excellent option.

The best power weapons in Lords of the Fallen

Here’s an overview of the best power weapons in the early game along with their stats:

weapon TYPE The weight physical Holy Fire wither away
Forked Crimson Rector Sword Long sword 18 121 + 23 0 0 0
Angel’s Ax The main axis 24.5 153 + 24 0 0 0
Anvil hammer The Grand Hammer 28.2 198 + 18 0 0 0
Yellow Butcher’s Blade The great sword 34.1 118 + 23 0 0 37
Loyal bludgeon The Grand Hammer 34.4 168 + 32 0 0 0

5- Forked Crimson Rector Sword

Forked Crimson Rector Sword Stats Value
Kind of Long sword
The weight 18
physical 121 + 23
Holy 0
Fire 0
wither away 0
Bleeding 60
Forked Crimson Rector Sword (photo by Obeid)

If you want to start with Lords of the Fallen. Best early game power weapon, Then you must try the Forked Crimson Rector Sword. You can also try the normal one, but the barbed one also bleeds, so I prefer it more. In the early areas of Lords of the Fallen, it can be difficult to decide on a weapon, so you might just choose the Thorned Crimson Rector without giving it a second thought.

I used the sword early on, and it was an absolute beast for an early game weapon. Since it’s a power weapon, it also deals high levels of damage, stunning normal enemies even if they’re in the middle of an attack. I really like this weapon because it doesn’t require any stats, and It also brings blood. If you wrap your sword in fire or apply another status effect to an item, you’ll deal heavy damage, even to the boss.

4- Angel’s Ax

Angel’s Ax Stats Value
Kind of The main axis
The weight 24.5
physical 153 + 24
Holy 0
Fire 0
wither away 0
Angel’s Ax (Screenshot Grab via eXputer)

After using the Thorned Crimson Rector Sword for a while, I got the Angel’s Axe, one of the best powered weapons in Lords of the Fallen. The weapon deals no damage other than physical damage, but it scales very high. If you have fans. Weapons based on pure forcethen Angel’s Ax is the right choice for you in the early game.

The weapon deals a lot of damage, and if you equip it with any status effects, it’s almost unstoppable in the early game. While this is doable in the mid-game area, I would also recommend trying out different weapons, as there are so many. Angle’s ax only 22 Power required. To run, which is not that much, and many players can easily achieve it. I had a really good experience with the axe, so I would recommend you try it at least once in your playthrough.

3- Anvil hammer

Anvil hammer statistics Value
Kind of The Grand Hammer
The weight 28.2
physical 198 + 18
Holy 0
Fire 0
wither away 0
Anvil Hammer (photo taken by me)

If you just want to hammer your way through everything, an anvil hammer is probably the right choice for you. I have over 11 hours into Lords of the Fallen, and the Anvil Hammer is one weapon I would recommend as one. Weapons must be tested.. While there are plenty of weapons in the game, the developer penalizes players by giving massive stat requirements to wield the weapons.

However, this is not the case with an anvil hammer, as you only need one. 18 Strength and 8 Agility, which you will have by default. If you chose the Urdirangr Warwolf class, you only need to allocate 2 points in strength, and you will be able to wield the weapon. While I think the weapon does a lot of physical damage, it should have a status effect build up. If that were the case, the Anvil Hammer would probably be the best power weapon in the early or mid game.

You should definitely try the weapon, as it doesn’t require much. I had a great experience with the weapon, and would definitely love to try it again.

2- Yellow Butcher’s Blade

Yellow Butcher’s Blade Stats Value
Kind of The great sword
The weight 34.1
physical 118 + 23
Holy 0
Fire 0
wither away 37
Yellow Butcher’s Blade (screenshot grab by Obeid)

The second best power weapon in Lords of the Fallen, according to me, is the Yellow Butcher’s Blade. This weapon is arguably very good and close to being the best, but due to its stat requirement, I had to put it in second place. A weapon is required. 25 Strength and 20 Agilitywhich is the only problem I could see with it.

Given the damage output, I think the stat requirements are fair, but some may not think so. Yellow Bitsor’s Blade deals a lot of physical damage and in addition, Deal Damage, you also won’t typically find many weapons in Lords of the Fallen that deal damage with the Wither, so this makes the weapon worth a try. When you move into the Umbral Realm, you’ll notice that half of your health turns gray. This is the damage you get.

So, with the Yellow Butcher Blade, you’ll be able to apply Wither to enemies, which is a great mechanic. So, I would definitely recommend you to try the weapon even if you have to go beyond your own to allocate points in agility.

1- Loyal bludgeon

Stats for Loyal Bludgeon Value
Kind of The Grand Hammer
The weight 34.4
physical 168 + 32
Holy 0
Fire 0
wither away 0
to burn 100
Loyal Bludgeon (Image source: eXputer)

I recently tried Loyal Bludgeon, and it just Blasts enemies.. It’s a great weapon that scales purely on power, so you won’t need to focus on allocating points to various stats. While this weapon does more pure physical damage, it also burns enemies because it has a 100 burn build-up, which is insane.

Faithful Bludgeon, even without the burn status effect, would have been great, so it only makes the weapon superior in the early and mid game. The stat requirements aren’t that high either, as you only have to allocate 28 points in strength. These are the reasons I believe Faithful Bludgeon is. Best power weapon In Lords of the Fallen.

Players who are new to the genre really shouldn’t mess around with such heavy weapons because you can die a lot. The Faithful Bludgeon is a huge hammer as it weighs 34.4, which means the swings are quite wide. So, if you know how to handle such weapons, you must try the weapons.

Which power weapon is the best – my take

My in-game hours

As I’ve compiled the guide based on my personal experience in Lords of the Fallen, I think the Faithful Bludgeon is the best power weapon ever.

This weapon can be found very early in the game and doesn’t even have crazy stat requirements. So, I think Faithful Bludgeon is one. Weapons must be tested. In Lords of the Fallen. If you’re not a fan of the hammer, I suggest you try the Yellow Butcher Blade, which is a great weapon, as it deals with weather damage and high physical damage.

That’s pretty much everything you’ll want to know about the best power weapon in Lords of the Fallen. While there are many power weapons available in the game, I think the five I’ve discussed are the best based on stats, damage, and personal preference. Of course, you can choose any of the five, as is the ranking. Based on my experience In Lords of the Fallen.

While you’re at it, you should check out my guide. The best weapon in Lords of the Fallen So that you can choose the best from different categories. A must-read when you’re done with it The best holy knightblood in Lords of the Fallen If you have selected the same class. Next, visit the page How to Parry in Lords of the Fallen So that you can understand the mechanics better.

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