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The Hallowed Knight is one of the balanced melee classes in Lords of the Fallen that players can choose to play as part of the new game. Building from this class down the road requires a heavy reliance on melee weapons, along with the choice or preference of using shields or not. that is why, After playing Lords of the Fallen for 20 hoursI’ve built the perfect Halloween night so others can benefit from my gear selection.

Key takeaways

  • Lords of the Fallen has a haloed knight bloodline. Much more on the use of force-based weapons.
  • Increasing the power attribute stats will improve the overall build.
  • A level 50+ Haloed Knight Blood will one-shot most enemies using a heavy attack or dual wield.
  • The benefit of building a Hallowed Knight is enjoying the various power-based weapons that Lords of the Fallen offers players.

Excellent Holy Knight Blood

here is An overview of the best Hallowed Knight builds in Lords of the Fallen, featuring weapons, an armor set, pendants and rings.

Serial Number Haloed Knight Beast Build Gear Elements Gear items
1 Armor Angel of Void Armor Set
2 weapon Thorned Crimson Rector, Ax of the Angel
3 The pendant Warrior’s Claw
4 Ring Mine Owner’s Ring, Duty Ring

Best Holy Knight Stats Recommendation

Best Hallow’s Night Blood Stats (Image taken by me)

Most statistical distributions will skew more towards this. Increase in strength For the holy knight. This is because the class relies on using melee weapons like swords, axes, hammers and more.

the second Best attribute Investment, as you can see. My level 63 Hallowed Knight character stats In the image above, vitality, will be done the second The most important stat to pump in and level up Vigor points. Enemies hit hard in Lords of the Fallen, and there’s no point in having the best Hallowed Knight if you keep taking it easy.

After that, it all boils down to what kind of playstyle you intend to play in the Hallowed Knight class. For example, you can go in one of two ways:

  1. Increase in agility Will allow you to wield more weapons with the required Agility stat.
  2. Increased endurance Will enable you to wield heavier armor and dual weapons.

If you learn from my experience, The best Halloween Night builds in Lords of the Fallen will benefit from investing more Vigor points in the Endurance stat than Agility.

Finally, Radiance and Inferno’s stats are kept the same. There is no point in equating these statistics.

Helod Knight made excellent weapons

Lords of the Fallen offers a huge library of weapon choices, making weapon selection more difficult. All over me 20 hours of playtime as Halloween Night, I learned that using weapons that will not only reduce physical damage. Therefore, equipping weapons affected by status effects should always be the approach.

1. Thorny crimson rector

Forked Crimson Rector Sword (photo taken by me)

The Thorned Crimson Rector is a very good measuring power weapon in Lords of the Fallen. It comes with an Infused Bleeding status ailment that applies a bleed boost after landing a few strikes.

As you can see in the image above, the Thorned Crimson Rector Sword at +6 upgrade level becomes a B Strength measuring weaponThis is a good choice for the best Hallowed Knight build in Lords of the Fallen.

To obtain the Thorny Crimson Rector in Lords of the Fallen, players can follow the following two methods:

  1. Craft a weapon by killing multiple Crimson Rictor enemy types.
  2. Get it after reaching the area full of eggs in the Umbral after climbing the stairs from the Skyrest Bridge.

2. Ax of an angel

Angel’s Ax (photo taken by me)

Although the Angel’s Ax does not come with an inherent status ailment option, the sheer physical damage this great ax deals to targets is immense. From My experience, I can tell you. That the angel’s ax is complete. Two hit combo After that a Heavy attack The ability to handle approx 1500 loss.

Using the Angel’s Ax with the Thorned Crimson Rector is a fantastic weapon combination, beneficial for building the best Hallowed Knight in Lords of the Fallen.

Explore. Swamp area before Mundicius Vage Boss To get the Angel’s Ax in Lords of the Fallen. The area is huge, but exploring it is worth the time investment.

Excellent armor set

Angel of Void Armor (photo taken by me)

If you bring Endurance level 19 the many armor options shouldn’t be too much of a burden, you’ll be limited in armor choices if you’re dual wielding. In the case of double welding, I recommend you lace up. Angel of Void Armor Set.

Armor set feature Value
Kind of Medium torso
The weight 29.1
Minimize the damage
physical 183
Holy 113
Fire 110
wither away 208
to kill 29
Bleeding 50
to burn 50
Instigating 29
Frost bite 110
poison 104

In Lords of the Fallen explore the pool area with the huts in the Umbral Realm to get the Angel of the Armor set.

  • This quest removes the water, revealing two entrances to the Umbral Entities’ safety.
  • Follow the vein to detect the entity blocking access.
  • Use the Umbral sphere to pull the entity and remove the gate.
  • Proceed through the open gate, then go to the right to find a chest containing an Angel of the Void Armor Set.

Excellent pendant and ring

With a ton of pendant and ring options to choose from, there’s a perfect combination to choose that resonates with the construction of a haloed knight. During my 20 hours of playtime in Lords of the FallenI was able to find over 18 rings and 12 pendants and found the following to be the best ones to build.

1. Warrior Claw

Warrior’s Claw Pendant (photo by me)

Equipping the Warrior’s Claw Pendant in Lords of the Fallen gives its user a 10 percent increase I Physical damage And Physical defense. Since I’ve suggested the best Hallowed Knight build in Lords of the Fallen so far based on dealing physical damage based on melee weapons and strength, it’s wise to miss out on this trinket. Don’t be

To get the Warrior’s Claw, go to the location where you found it Blacksmith in Lords of the Fallen.

  • Go through the door at the far end and turn right.
  • Fight powerful enemies in the area; Avoid unnecessary fights.
  • Get to the other side of the area to find an object inside a cage.
  • Pick up the item to receive the Warrior’s Claw Pendant

2. Mine Owner’s Ring

Mine Owner’s Ring (photo taken by me)

For a build that utilizes heavy weapon duality, increased max capacity and regeneration are always welcome additions. Wearing the Mine Owner’s Ring in Lords of the Fallen gives its wearer a maximum stamina and stamina regeneration rate, making it an ideal choice for building a Held Nith.

Interestingly, the Mine Owner’s Ring is an early game item that you shouldn’t miss out on getting. To achieve this, follow these steps:

  • Face the Vestige of Marco X.
  • Look to the left and find two paths: a slope on the right that leads down to an abandoned village and stairs on the left.
  • Go up the stairs to the left.
  • Look for the object hanging on the corpse from a building on the right.
  • Use a ranged or throwable weapon to knock it down.
  • Once dropped, pick up the Mine Owner’s Ring.

3. The ring of duty

Ring of Duty (photo taken by me)

Ring of Duty is very useful for strength-based builds such as the Hallowed Knight in Lords of the Fallen. During the early game, you will need an increased vitality and stamina to survive. Ring of Duty does this by increasing life and stamina stats by a level.

To get the Ring of Duty in Lords of the Fallen, you have the following two methods:

  • Get Ring of Duty from Stomund in Skyrest Bridge.
  • Alternatively, buy the Ring of Duty from the Damarose NPC in Pilgrim’s Perch.

My take on Hallow’s Night Blood

Playing Lords of the Fallen for 20 hours now With the Haloed Knight class, I’ve mastered the nuances that a player can find in this build. The above selection of weapons, armor, pendants, and rings reflects my personal choices for the Hallowed Knight, which I have obtained after rigorous testing. Various gear items in inventory.

That’s everything you need to know about the best Halloween night blood in Lords of the Fallen from me. Since this is a pure power build that relies on dual running, there is a lot of room for experimentation. I recommend that you try out different weapons and see which one works best for you if you want to go with the Halod Knight build in the game.

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