Lords of the Fallen Best DPS Class (Top 4)


Lords of the Fallen has 13 classes, four of which are secret, so most players won’t have them. Among the nine classes, there are four that stand out as Lords of the Fallen Best DPS class. Many players will like to choose the best DPS classes because they improve the experience.

Key takeaways

  • There are a total of 13 classes in Lords of the Fallen, but 4 of them are secret, with 3 unlockables that have different endings, and one that can be obtained through this. Deluxe version.
  • Of the nine starting classes in Lords of the Fallen, four are ranked according to their value as DPS.
  • Orion Preacher is the best DPS class because of this. High damage And the fact that it’s a mage class.
  • Loss of Orion Preacher Lack of melee combat and Poor attribute allocation.
  • Attribute allocation is done only because the class can deal more damage from the start.
  • Udirangr Warwolf, fully based Strifeis a great DPS class due to high points in power.
  • The disadvantage of Udirangr Warwolf is that it. Not welcome To beginners

The best DPS class in Lords of the Fallen

Here is an overview of the best DPS classes in Lords of the Fallen:

the class power Agility endurance Vitality shine hell
Orion preacher 10 8 9 11 18 8
Udirangar Warwolf 16 10 13 10 8 8
Pyrrhic Cultists 9 8 11 9 8 18
Hallowed Night 12 8 15 11 9 8

1- Orion preacher

Orion Preacher Stats Value
power 10
Agility 8
endurance 9
Vitality 11
shine 18
hell 8
Class of Orion preachers (photo taken by me)

I hate mage classes, but Orion Preacher’s DPS is probably the best. It has the highest Radiance stat in Lords of the Fallen, so I think it is. Best DPS class. Radiance spells not only serve as an offense, but they can also serve as your defense. So you get the highest DPS with a pretty solid defense.

However, keep in mind that the Orion preacher is not designed for close combat as it is a mage class. You get a weapon as a starting weapon along with a holy weapon, Makes defeating enemies easier.. There are some areas where a group of enemies attack you. So, you might have a little trouble with Orion Preacher in such situations. You also get decent armor with some nice starting items, so if you’re a fan of mage classes, don’t hesitate to pick this up.

2- Udirangr Warwolf

UDIRANGR Warwolf Stats Value
power 16
Agility 10
endurance 13
Vitality 10
shine 8
hell 8
Second best DPS class Udirangr Warwolf (screenshot taken by me)

Udirangr Warwolf can be a beast in combat if you know how to use it. I would recommend soul avid players to try the Udirangr Warwolf class once in Lords of the Fallen. It has great potential for high damage in the early game, as is the Strength attribute. 16 points. The rest of the attributes also have some points, except Radiance and Inferno.

If you’ve never played a Soulsborne or Soulslike game before, I wouldn’t recommend picking this up. As the class has it. High DPS potential, it’s really slow in combat. Your main damage comes from big swings, which need to be timed with boss attacks. Anyway, Udirangr Warwolf is a great class, and I think it’s the second best DPS class in Lords of the Fallen.

3- Pyrrhic cultists

Pyric Cultist Stats Value
power 9
Agility 8
endurance 11
Vitality 9
shine 8
hell 18
Pyrrhic Cultist Class (Image credit: Exporter)

Most magic classes in games like this have high DPS potential. The Pyric Cultist class is a nice looking class, but I graded it. Worst class in my Lords of the Fallen Best Class Guide. Although the class has great DPS potential, it lags behind all other stats, such as Endurance, Agility, Strength, and Agility. Pyric Cultist’s main focus is on Inferno, as it has the most points.

Orion Preacher’s Radiance spells can be used as a defense since they can heal, which is why it’s rated so high. A pyrrhic cultist, on the other hand, can’t do much other than deal more damage with fire-related spells. Some may be bosses and enemies. High resistance against them as well. So, you can see some big damage with Pyric Cultist if you manage to level the relevant attributes. Also, make sure to get the best gear for him when progressing.

4- Holy Knight

Hallowed Knight Stats Value
power 12
Agility 8
endurance 15
Vitality 11
shine 9
hell 8
Hallowed Night Class (screenshot grab via eXputer)

My experience tells me that the Halod Knight is the best class in the game, but it’s not the absolute best DPS class..

Even though it’s in the top 4 list, that doesn’t make it the best. Low points in strength. You can, of course, make it a beast later in Lords of the Fallen, but in the early game, it lags behind the other three classes mentioned above.

While I think it’s Halloween night. The most balanced segment In Lords of the Fallen, there’s no harm in that. You can definitely land some great hits with charge attacks, and they can be enough for the early game. I only managed to beat the boss before a few tries, so not much of a problem with damage. Also, since the Halod Knight has a lot of endurance, you can take more hits than any other class, which increases DPS.

Which class has the best DPS potential – my thoughts

In my opinion, the best class in Lords of the Fallen is arguably the Hallowed Knight. However, if we’re just looking at best DPS, I’d have to go with Orion Preacher.

My Lords of the Fallen save slot

As stated before, I don’t like mage classes, but I’m not biased about it, as the dps potential for mage classes is huge. If you like mage classes, you should definitely go for it, because having fun is the most important thing. I enjoy the melee class more, so I choose them, but if you like the mage class, you should definitely try. Orion preacher or Pyrrhic The cultist.

In my opinion, the melee class with the highest DPS potential is the Udirangr Warwolf. Although the class is difficult to master, it definitely deals heavy damage to enemies.

That’s almost everything you’ll want to know. Lords of the Fallen Best DPS class. While there are 9 classes available at the start, four of them stand out as the best DPS classes. Orion Preacher and Pyrrhic Cultist are the two mage classes mentioned in the list, and the other two are fairies. All four are excellent, and you can choose any one based on your preference.

While you’re at it, you should check out the guide. Skyrest Bridge in Lords of the Fallen For its location and what rewards you can get there. When you’re done with it, be sure to read the guide The best starting classes in Lords of the Fallen To get the best experience.

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