Lords of the Fallen (2023) Sanguinarix: How to Update


The Lords of the Fallen Sanguinarix is ​​one of the most important consumable items, as it is your main healing tool. You can upgrade it to improve its effects and the number of uses by finding a certain item in the game. I’m going to teach you how to upgrade your Sanguinarix and where to find the upgrade materials needed to do so with this guide.

How to update Sanguinarix

Sanguinarix can be upgraded by speaking to Pieta in the center of Skyrest Bridge and selecting “Upgrade Sanguinarix”. You must give it Holy Quintessence to increase its power and the number of times you can use it. You will be shown how much Saintly Quintessence you need to upgrade it to the next level.

You initially start Lords of the Fallen with only three Sanguinarix, no matter which class you choose. And while they save lives, especially during boss fights, their effects aren’t as great early in the game. That will change if you take advantage of Pieta’s services to increase his restoration and healing charges.

The first time you will encounter Pieta is as a boss in front of the Skyrest Bridge at the beginning of the game. After defeating her, she goes down the stairs from the boss arena. She will appear in front of the Vestige as an NPC. From there, she will offer multiple services, one of which will be upgrading your Sanguinarix.

Upgrades made in Sanguinarix carry over to New Game+ and there are several upgrades you can make for this healing tool. The amount of Saintly Quintessence required per upgrade will increase the higher the upgrade level.

Sanguinarix Upgrade Levels

Where to Find Sanguinarix Enhancement Material

Saintly Quintessence is a rare upgrade material used to upgrade your Sanguinarix and can only be found in the Umbral Realm. This is the realm your character goes to when he dies or uses the Umbral Lamp to visit. You can get Saintly Quintessence after using Soulflay on Umbral Bellies.

To use Soulflay, take out the Umbral Lamp, attach a Umbral Belly, and charge it with R2/RT. You will get a Holy Quintessence afterwards.

Holy Quintessence can only be used to upgrade your Sanguinarix, so there’s no point in saving them for anything else. This upgrade material also cannot be dropped or shared between players in cooperative mode. It also cannot be farmed as Saintly Quintessence has specific locations.


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