Lollipop Chainsaw REPOP game design reformed from remake to remaster.


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  • Dragami Games will no longer design Lollipop Chainsaw RePOP as a remake. The game design has been changed in the remaster.
  • Company president Yoshimi Yasuda revealed on Twitter that the change was due to fan requests, but many were unhappy with the news.
  • Some fans also believe that this is possibly due to finances, and the company just hides it under the label of “fan requests” to avoid backlash.

President of Dragami Games Yoshimi Yasuda has confirmed on Twitter that Lollipop Chainsaw RePOP’s game design has been changed from a remake to a remaster due to fan requests. However, fans are unhappy with the change, questioning who would ask for it since the game would be worth the full price even if it was just a remaster. Some also believe that the studio is doing this due to financial problems and is simply “Fan requests

The game was previously thought to be a remake, but it looks like the project won’t be as spectacular as expected. This may mean that, mechanically, the game will be a remake, but at its core, it will remain untouched, which as a fan of the original game is the best I can ask for. Making it from scratch could have been hit or miss, and a successful remaster could lead to other potential games with this IP.

While there is a silver lining for many fans, there seems to be an almost equal number of people who are unhappy with the news. one replied the Twitter user. On this announcement, “Literally, who requested a remaster on the remake?Many people have written replies on the same lines.

Who asked for this?! If the remake was done in the same spirit, it would have been much better. New content, new features, new gameplay mechanics, new… everything. Hopefully this switch on the remaster means less than it implies,” says KureinInSight.

Whether it’s a new build with better overall quality in the original gameplay or just a port for new platforms, it should be much more obvious with a proper announcement and perhaps showing off different aspects of the gameplay. Since the Lollipop Chainsaw REPOP is scheduled for next year, we can expect them to arrive sooner or later.

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Lollipop Chainsaw REPOP—announced in 2022—is a remaster of Hack and Slash. Lollipop chainsaw Since 2012. The game was supposed to be released this year, but Dragami Games eventually delayed it until 2024. The studio has yet to announce the game’s platform availability.

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