Locations of the Fountain of the Great Fairies of Tears of the Kingdom

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Tears of the Kingdom isn’t the first Legend of Zelda game where Link can find Great Fairy Fountain locations to upgrade his armor and acquire bonuses. There are four great fairy fountains in this game, and they can be hidden pretty well if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Even when you find the Great Fairies Fountains, there is a particular way to make all the Great Fairies come out and talk to you.

Use this guide to find out where to find all the Great Fairy Fountain locations and how to unlock them as we’ll be going over each one.

All Greater Fairy Fountain locations in Tears of the Kingdom

The Fountains of the Great Fairies can be found near the Forest, duel peaks, Snowfieldand suburban stables. You can fast travel to these locations and look for purple smoke for the distance near them and head in that direction and you will find a Great Fairy Fountain.

You can find the Great Fairy Fountains fairly early in the game with few restrictions, as long as you activate the side quests that start them. The fact that they can be found near the stables in Tears of the Kingdom makes it quite convenient. But before you can search all the Great Fairy Fountain locations, you must first find the first one by going to the Woodland stable and talking to the traveling musical troupe stationed there.

After unlocking the first of the Great Fairies, you can now search for the remaining three. However, getting each Great Fairy to come out of hiding requires you to play a specific type of music that is to their liking. This means looking for musicians who can play that music to unlock the great fairy fountains.

How to unlock the large fairy fountain near Woodland Stable

The first Great Fairy Fountain can be found by talking to the musical troupe in the Woodland stable (1058, 1130, 0022) and doing a search for them. You must first be a reporter talking to NPCs in Lucky Clover Gazette (-3253, 1770, 0119) before you can start this quest. You will meet the first Great Fairy at the end once you have led the company to the hillside.

What you have to do here is quite easy; just use the ultraman ability to fix the wheels on your wagon, Breezer. Now you are going to need at least 3 Pony Points and then get the Trailer Harness. Talk to the front desk at that stable, and then customize a registered horse with the trailer harness. Once you’re done, use your horse to tow the Breezer using glue to glue the cart to the harness.

Now all you have to do is lead the company, the Stable Trotters, to the hillside, where you will meet the first Great Fairy. This will give you a chance to upgrade your armor for a few rupees and ingredients, which will depend on the armor piece. As of this moment, the other Great Fairy Fountain locations have been marked on your map.

How to unlock the great fairy Mija north of the Snowfield stable

Great Fairy Mija

This Great Fairy can be found north of Snowfield’s stable (-1644, 2566, 0234). You can bring it out using the sound of a horn, which can be found by a nearby musician.

To unlock Mija, you will have to get the musician out of the hole in which he is trapped (-3661, 0763, 0118) west of the Great Tabantha Bridge. Once you have taken out his wagon, he will join the company. Now all you have to do is go back to the Snowfield, give the Breezer a roof at Mastro’s request, and then offer to take him to where the Great Fairy is. Just follow his instructions, and you should get there and unlock this fairy and get 100 rupees for your trouble.

How to unlock the great fairy Kaysa west of the outskirts stable

Great Fairy Kaysa

West of Outskirts Stable (-1436, -1266, 0032) is where you will find the Great Fairy, Kaysa. In the stable, go talk to Mastro and start the quest Serenade to Kaysa, where you will be asked to find the musician, Pyper, who can play the flute that Kaysa really likes.

Pyper can be found near the Highland Stable (0520, -3443, 0047), southeast of the Hylia Bridge. Once you find him, she climbs up the tree he is in and talks to him. Pyper will ask you to find 10 fireflies at sunset, which can only be found at night. Go to the woods north of Highland Stable when the sun goes down, and you can collect the sunset fireflies there. After collecting ten, return to Pyper and he will ask you to bring his friend Haite from the stable to his location. He returns to the stable and invite her to come with you. After taking Haite to Pyper, you’ll see a cutscene before the Pied Piper agrees to return to the Stable Trotters.

Now go back to the stable outside and talk to Mastro. He will tell you that the Breezer is broken and that there are some rocks blocking the way to the Great Fairy Fountain. Look for a giant rock slab with three wheels attached to it. You will need to assemble the steering wheel, joystick, and then the Breezer before speaking to Maestro. Then you can now take the musical troupe to Great Fairy Kaysa north of the Outskirt Stable and get 100 Rupees.

How to unlock the great Cotera fairy near the Dueling Peaks stable

Great Cotera Fairy

First you will need to go to the Dueling Peaks Stable (1750, -1921, 0010) to find the Great Cotera Fairy. She talks to Mastro and the quest Serenade to Cotera begins. You will be asked to find the drummer for the Stable Trotters, Beetz, who has gone missing.

Go to Kakariko Village (2166, -1381, 0108) to find Beetz. You will need to 3 Courser bee honeys for Beetz to rejoin the company. She talks to him and give him the Courser Bee Honeys then head back to the Dueling Peaks Stable.

Once in the Dueling Peaks Stable, talk to Mastro and you will be asked to work on the Breezer one last time. You will need to build a makeshift boat using the materials near the river. Once you are done fixing the Breezer, take the company to the Great Coast Fairy and you will unlock her after a short cutscene and get 100 Rupees for your troubles.

Those are all the Great Fairy Fountain locations and how to unlock them in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.. Learn more about Tears of the Kingdom in our other articles here.

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