Little Alchemy 2: How To Make Peat (Quick Guide)



Peat in Little Alchemy 2, is an element that you can craft as you combine different elements you’ve based on your logical judgment. Peat which is the major focus of our guide is also one of these craft-able elements. 

Key Takeaways

  • Peat, a craftable element in Little Alchemy 2, comes from plant decomposition.
  • Make Peat by experimenting with plant-related combinations.
  • Unlimited crafting attempts are available.
  • Make Peat with combinations like Flower & Time, Flower & Water, or Grass & Time.
  • Best Peat-making combo: Flower with Water.
  • Flower crafting involves steps with Water, Puddles, Ponds, Lakes, Sea, Primordial Soup, Energy, Life, Soil, Plants, and Rainbow.
  • Combine Peat with Earth, Pressure, Rock, Stone, or Time to make Coal.

What Is Peat In Little Alchemy 2

Peat that can be used instead of wood for the fire is made of organic material that comes as you decompose plants. In Little Alchemy 2, Peat is an element you can craft using different combinations. However, based on the fact that it is made of organic material, try more combinations with plants while you experiment with different combinations to make Peat.

How To Make Peat In Little Alchemy 2

Fortunately, Little Alchemy 2, doesn’t restrict us with any number of specific tries to get our favorite item. Therefore, it becomes really easy to craft different elements, as you can keep on trying different combinations until you get the one you want. Here are some of the shortest ways to make Peat in Little Alchemy 2:

How to make PEAT in Little Alchemy 2 (Image Credits: eXputer)
Item Action Material
Flower Time Peat
Flower Water Peat
Grass Time Peat
Plant Swamp Peat
Pressure Swamp Peat
Swamp Time Peat

Best Way To Make Peat

In Little Alchemy 2, the best method to make Peat is combining Flower with Water. The reason behind this being the best way, is of course Water is one of the fundamental elements, therefore, you just need to craft Flower. Once, you have the Flower, you can simply combine both of them to make Peat.

Here is how you can make a Flower in Little Alchemy 2: 

Item Item Produced
Water Puddle
Puddle Pond
Pond Lake
Lake Sea
Earth Primordial soup
Fire Energy
Primordial Soup Life
Earth Soil
Life Plant
Earth Land
Land Continent
Continent Planet
Planet Sun
Water Rainbow
Plant Flower

Once, you have Flower, hit the search button on the top of your screen, type Flower, and then drag it to the working area. Then, drag water and combine both of them to make Peat.

Apart, from this method, the use of the Time element is also a pretty fast method, but Time only becomes available when you have crafted more than 100 elements. Thus, if you’ve Time you can also combine Time with Flower to make Peat.

How To Use Peat

Once you have made Peat in Little Alchemy 2, you can use this to make so many other valuables. Peat can be combined with various elements, and most of these combinations give us Coal.

Item 1 Item 2 Item Produced
Peat Earth Coal
Peat Pressure Coal
Peat Rock Coal
Peat Stone Coal
Peat Time Coal

In conclusion, Little Alchemy 2 offers a fun and immersive experience with its crafting mechanics, specifically making Peat. Experimentation is key, especially with plant-related combinations. Among all the methods, the Flower-Water combo is the best to create Peat. For more related information you can look at How To Make A Bird, and How To Make Rainbow.


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