Little Alchemy 2: How To Make Diamond (Walkthrough)



In Little Alchemy 2, making the Diamond is an easy method. You just need some combination of various items like fire, water, earth, and air to make a Diamond. Through the Diamond, you can make the Ring and Money. Follow this How to Make Diamond Little Alchemy 2 step-by-step guide to making a Diamond from scratch.

Key Takeaways

  • Making Diamond In Little Alchemy 2 can take some time to create from scratch, but the process is easier than done if you have the necessary components.
  • Progress through a sequence of steps, starting with Fire and combining elements such as Water, Earth, and Air as you go on.

  1. Combine Fire + Fire to create Energy.
  2. Combine Pond + Water to create a larger body of water, the Lake.
  3. Continue adding water to the Lake to transform it into the Sea.
  4. Add Energy to the Primordial Soup to create Life.
  5. Merge two Continents to make a Planet
  6. Apply Pressure to Coal to finally obtain the Diamond

How To Make A Diamond 

How To Make Diamond in Little Alchemy 2
How to make a diamond from scratch (image by eXputer)

1. Fire +Fire= Energy

This is the first step to making the diamond; you need to collect two elements of fire, so after collecting the diamond, you will generate energy.

2. Puddle + Water = Pond

In this step, you must combine the puddle with the water to create the pond. It also increases the quality of water, managing the level for larger bodies.

3. Pond + Water = Lake

Here you need to take the pond you make, and you also need to add more water to convert into the lake. In this step, I am crafting the water element.

4. Lake + Water = Sea

You have to continue adding water into the lake to make a sea. The sea carries a very large potential for further combinations.

5. Sea + Earth = Primordial Soup

Here you have to merge the sea with the earth to generate the primordial soup, and this mixture shows the spirit of life’s origin.

6. Energy + Primordial Soup = Life

Combine energy into the primordial soup, and you will be a spectator of birth the life. This step is crucial for making the diamond.

7. Earth + Earth = Land

You have to consolidate the parts of the earth to generate the land. You are changing the world for more wide possibilities.

8. Land + Earth = Continent

In this step, you have to merge the land with more earth to form a continent. The magnitude of your alchemical creation is growing.

9. Continent + Continent = Planet

Take two continents together to make a planet. This basic step sets the stage for making a diamond.

10. Planet + Air = Atmosphere

Here you have to combine air with the planet to form an atmosphere. This combination of earth and air unlocked a new path for alchemical experiments.

11. Atmosphere + Water = Cloud

Here you have to merge the atmosphere with water to make clouds. These fluffy creations are very important for the next step.

12. Cloud + Water = Rain

Now let the clouds deliver their moisture as rain. The water from the clouds will play a very important role in making a diamond.

13. Life + Earth = Soil

Combine life with earth to produce soil. This also gives the compulsory foundation for future plant growth.

14. Soil + Rain = Plant

Now you must add rain to the soil, and the Little Alchemy 2 will germinate. The vegetation is an essential part of the diamond-creating process.

15. Air + Air = Pressure

You have to merge two parts of air to produce pressure. This upcoming step will be important when you create this element.

16. Earth + Water = Mud

Here you combine the earth with water to make mud. The mud performs as a critical element in your diamond-making process.

17. Earth + Plant = Grass

Merge the earth with the plant to make grass. Now you are close to the final stages.

18. Grass + Mud = Swamp

Combine the grass with mud to generate a swamp. This merger covers the path for the conversion into a precious gem. 

19. Swamp + Pressure = Peat

Combine pressure with the swamp, and you will get peat. When you get this element, you will be closer to the diamond creation.

20. Peat + Earth = Coal

Merge the peat with the earth to get coal. This step brings you closer to the goal of making a diamond.

21. Coal + Pressure = Diamond

This is the final step, you have to apply pressure to the coal, and you will get a diamond. Your alchemical journey is here.

Uses Of The Diamond

Diamond is an essential crafting ingredient needed to primarily create Rings, so they can be combined with the following components in order to achieve that result:

  • Diamond + Paper = Money
  • Diamond + Gold = Ring
  • Diamond + Love = Ring
  • Diamond + Metal = Ring
  • Diamond + Steel = Ring

For the basic walkthrough of creating a diamond in Little Alchemy 2, you must progress through a sequence of steps, combining various elements such as fire, water, earth, and air. This guide provides you with how to make a diamond and a useful roadmap for players seeking to obtain this prized element in the game.


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