Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth Combat Mechanics Revealed


In two months, Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth will be released and fans will be excited to play the demo version of the game on their consoles. But many players like me have wondered what makes this game different from its predecessor. Recently, SEGA released new information about how the combat mechanics differ from its predecessor, including new tasks that Kasuga and his group can use.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth Combat Mechanics Explained

In Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth, players will experience a more improved and challenging combat system where players can attack enemies within certain ranges and conditions. Featuring more dynamic and miraculously rich combat gameplay, players will learn what to expect from the game’s release below:

Character movement during combat

During combat, players can now move freely within a set range. The closer they are to their opponents, the more damage they will deal to them. As they level up, their range increases and they are given a huge advantage in deciding how they will attack their opponents.

AOE attacks

In the previous game, some abilities allowed players to perform area attacks. But at the same time, it was difficult to use them since most of the enemies they targeted were constantly moving. Now in this new game, players can destroy enemies in a straight line or within a circle.

Improved knockback attacks

We can never forget the fact that there are more sufficient and complex knockback attacks. When enemies are damaged and hit by walls and other objects, they take significant damage. For example, when an opponent hits a canister upon being knocked out, the canister explodes, dealing a large amount of damage to them.

Combined attacks with allies

Single attacks don’t usually work against certain enemies, but in Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth, players can team up with their allies and perform combo attacks if they are within range of their allies. Performing combo attacks will not only damage tougher enemies, but will also deepen bonds or relationships.

Brave and Improved Perfect Attacks

Perfect attacks have been greatly improved, and when performing special attacks, players must right-click to perform an extended and improved perfect attack. Doing so will greatly damage enemies.


When encountering weaker enemies, players can perform a new function called SMACKDOWN. Choosing this option will end the battle quickly with less EXP. This feature is great to use when farming money or items.

New jobs to be found in Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth

There are new jobs that players can unlock in this new game. There are 6 new jobs and they are the following:

  • Samurai
    • Using bows and swords, players can perform a series of attacks that can target enemies within a set range. A perfect job for players who want to bleed their enemies dry.
  • Aquanaut
    • Use sea creatures and deep sea-themed items to confuse enemies and leave them in a dizzy state. A job that is perfect for repelling enemies and can help heal allies.
  • Outlaw
    • Be a cowboy and use dual guns, dynamite and a lesson on how to defeat multiple enemies. This job can learn various ailments to inflict more pain on enemies.
  • kunoichi
    • Female characters can learn ninjutsu, as this job is a perfect way to bait and trap enemies. Using this job will help dominate enemies with numbers.
  • Housewife
    • Clear the battlefield with elegant sweeping techniques to eliminate enemies. Use multi-target combat using mops, vacuums, and other tools to take down enemies.
  • geodancer
    • Perform Hawaiian-style dance techniques to buff and heal allies. She uses magical abilities to unleash a series of powerful elemental attacks.

Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth will launch on January 26, 2024 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (via Steam). For more news on Like A Dragon, check out the links below:


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