Lies of P Stat Paperback Guide



He P lies soft caps because your stats can hinder you if you go for a certain setup. It’s helpful to know your limits before deciding to invest a lot of points into a certain stat. In this guide, we’ll show you everything you need to know about Lies of P soft limits, making sure you’re well prepared to optimize your character’s stats effectively.

What are the soft caps in P lies?

Lies of P has soft caps where you manually invest points into certain stats. Like many Soulsborne games, you’ll encounter diminishing returns once one of your stats reaches a certain threshold. This limits the number of points you want to assign to a given stat.

Many players love to experiment with builds by assigning certain points. And because of this, you may have heard others downplay their stats as much as possible. Soft limits prevent players from investing too much in one stat and encourage them to spread their points more frequently.

Stat soft cap cap in Lies of P

Lies of P’s soft caps seem like around 60. After investing more points into a stat above that number, you’ll start to see diminishing returns. When this happens, you’re better off assigning your points to a different stat. Be careful not to invest too much in a single statistic.

Once you notice that investing in a certain stat is not giving you as many returns as before, you will have reached the soft limit of Lies of P. There are those who report that they noticed that the stats start to decrease around 20, but they still got good bonuses when reaching beyond 30.

Statistics Meaning

Max HP, Guard Recovery, and Elemental Resistances

Legion Arm Load Limit and Weight Threshold

Legion weapon damage and arm damage that increases with advancement

Legion weapon damage and arm damage that increases with mobility

Legion weapon damage and arm damage that increases with technique

How to respect stats in Lies of P

Go to the Holy Mercy Statue to respec your stat points at any time. However, it is not free as resetting stat points costs you Gold Coin Fruits.

The Holy Mercy Statue will only be available after you have defeated Champion Victor in the Grand Exhibition Gallery in Chapter 7. After you have done so, talk to Marcus and he will give you the key that opens the inner garden where it is located. the statue. It’s just east of where you fought Champion Victor.

As mentioned above, resetting your stat points costs Gold Coin Fruits, which are also used to upgrade your Legion Arm and P-Organ. Gold Coin Fruits can be obtained from the Cold Gold Fruit Tree which you can access after meeting Giangio in the Rabbit Brotherhood lair.



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