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P’s lie There is a hard state system with a soft cap system. statistics are equal. Soft hats present a certain threshold, after which the corresponding stat skill point increases by an amount less than the lower stat point. Players will want to know what the soft caps are for each state.

Important: Players must balance each stat to avoid reaching the soft cap and create a well-rounded character in Lies of P!

Key takeaways

  • Soft caps in PK lies There are six stat caps, after which stat capacity growth for the player begins to slow.
  • There is Six stats: Lies of Pi has vitality, enthusiasm, movement, ability, technique, and advance and a soft hat for all of them.
  • gave Important benefit A soft cap is that it will allow players to better allocate stat points between all six stats and further improve their character.
  • gave Error A soft cap means that it limits a character’s maximum potential and their full potential during combat.
  • Players should Significantly Allocate specific points to each state to avoid wasting points and exceeding the soft cap.

P Lies of Soft Cap Limits

Below is a summary version of each stat and their average soft caps:

P softcap statistics lie Average soft caps Increase in average capacity
Vitality 30-35 Adds one less HP point between 5 Vitality points.
Guard Reign (Life) 30-40 There is a low increase of 10-20 Vitality points per guard regen point.
enthusiasm Around 30 Adds one less Stamina point per 3-5 Vigor points.
Ability No soft cap. Average weight gain.
Legion Arm Ability (Ability) No soft cap. Increases legion level by 3 per ability level.
movement Around 40 Increases one point of damage per 6 motivation points.
The technique Around 40 Increases one less damage point per 5-6 technique points.
in advance Around 30 Like technique

What are soft caps in PK lie?

LOP soft caps
How exactly do Soft Caps in P Lies work?

P Soft Caps lie with specific caps for all six stats, after which the total amount of stat ability increases is initially slower than at lower stat levels.

Six stats, such as bio, strength, stamina, movement, technique, and advance, can be leveled up to a specific ability, and points can be allocated to each.

Soft hats will limit players from maximizing leverage and investing too much into one stat, as this can make the character incredibly unbalanced in Lies of P.

Important: The highest level for the stat is 60, and as the stat is gradually invested, so does the HP, attack output, etc., but after a certain State pointit starts to slow down.

For example, if you just concentrate Vitality, it will give players 3-4 HP points per level, but after a certain limit, you will only get 1-2 HP points. therefore, Estate allocation And even distribution is important.

Soft caps for each state

Within each of the six statistics, viz Power, ability, movementVitality, technique, and advance, it’s important to know how much to invest in each estate and what the average is Soft hat in PK lie will be done.


LOP vitality

gave Vitality Stat controls the player’s general. HP and guard regen, increasing physical, fire, acid, and electric blitz defenses.

Generally, the HP gain from each biological level is defined as follows:

Vitality Increased HP
11-12 +20 HP
13-14 +18 HP
15 +17 HP
16-17 +16 HP
18-19 +15 HP
20-21 +14 HP
22-23 +13 HP
24-26 +12 HP
27-29 +11 HP
30-35 +10 HP
36-40 +8 HP

From this, it can be determined that after reaching a threshold of 30-35, HP increase significantly slower. This is the perfect soft hat area for life in PK Lies.

Regain the guard.

gave Vitality Lies of P soft caps also include Guard Regen, which helps players protect themselves from enemy attacks. If the guard succeeds, the character takes less damage but consumes stamina.

Guard Regen increases per point as follows:

Vitality Augmented by Guard Regin
10-20 +5 or +6
20-30 +4
30-40 +3
40-60 +2 or 3
60+ +2 or 1

gave Soft cap for guard regen The boost should drop off around 30-40, after which the boost in the guard region starts to decrease as well.

  • Vitality should be kept at 30-35. The best solution For a balanced estate allocation and avoiding soft capping.


LOP enthusiasm

gave enthusiasm Stats determine the player’s ability to perform actions in Lies of P, such as blocking incoming attacks or performing combos against enemies, and also determine your overall ability.

The Stamina increase per Vigor Points is as follows:

Points of excitement Stamina
5-8 +6
9-11 +5
12-15 +4
16-21 +3
22-30 +2
30-38 +1 or +2
39-47 +1
47+ +0 or +2

Capacity building through Lies of Pi gameplay will be quite significant, and realistically, all you need to do is level up. 12-15 Josh Having a good amount of capacity to carry you through.

  • After reaching 30 arousal, stamina starts to increase. slowed downto determine Josh soft caps Being around 30, below which is ideal.


LOP capability

gave Ability stat will focus on determining your total. Load the goods And the ability to use you Arms. It will also slightly increase acid, fire, electric blitz, fire, and physical defense abilities.

  • gave Capacity condition It will add 3 to your total loadout limit for every level you allocate to it, making it incredibly balanced.

As can be seen below, the capacity percentage and The weight The increase is as follows:

Percentage of capacity The weight
0-60% Average weight
60%-80% A little heavy
81%-99% Quite heavy
100% Extremely heavy

During the initiation of P’s lieyou want to stop allocation. 15-20 Refers to capacity so that the player can comfortably wear defensive pieces.

  • Trying to stay up or down 60% This can be a good idea because a higher load will eventually hold, withstand force, and always Stay below 80%.

Abilities of the Legion Arm.

gave Legion Bar Determines how many times you can use your Legion Arm to perform its abilities against opponents during mid-combat.

  • There are not Ability soft caps in PK lies For a legion arm, makes it incredibly balanced.
  • Basically, increasing the capacity of everyone will increase the level of Legion State With 3 levels, it makes leveling easy.

However, over leveling the ability won’t affect your legion arm attack abilities much. So, initially keep the capacity at 15-20.


The LOP movement

gave movement Determining the loss product will be equal to the power in the lie of P. weapon At this scale of movement. It increases the physical attack and offensive capabilities of the Legion Arm.

  • Arms with one A. Scaling A B or C scaling would be more beneficial on motivation.

Damages increase with motivation as follows:

movement Increase damage
10-18 +7
19-23 +6
24-26 +5
27-32 +4
33-39 +3
40-45 +2
46-50 +1 or +2
51-63 +1
63+ +1 or 0

gave Increase damage After 40 motivation points it starts to drop. So, it’s safe to assume that his soft caps will be around 40.

  • As a rule of thumb, equalize the motivation state all around 30-35 And it might be a good idea to stay there because it provides a solid damage boost without reaching the soft cap.

The technique

LOP technique
The technique

Next, Technique Stat PK will focus on lies DexIncreased weapon damage output Technique weapons‘ Physical attack and legion arm abilities.

  • Weapons that lock in mass. A scaling on technique B or C scaling would benefit more.

The average loss per state allocation for the technique is as follows:

The technique Increase damage
10-18 +7
19-23 +6
24-26 +5
27-32 +4
33-39 +3
40-45 +2
46-50 +1 or +2
51-63 +1
63+ +1 or 0

After allocation 40 points The technique will begin to reduce the extent of the damage increase, made Soft hats for technique Fall around 40.

  • Level technique stats are around 30-35 to avoid proper stat distribution and hard capping.

in advance

LOP Advance
in advance

the final, Advance State Arcane will be equivalent to the stat and will affect the damage output of weapons that reduce Advance and Legion Common Abilities.

  • All other statistics P’s lie Will increase your physical damage negation, but Advance can also increase your base damage reduction.
  • gave Advance State The Legion will also promote the bar.

gave Soft hat For Advance is around 30-40, which is ideally where players should ideally stop leveling it.

And that’s just about it! Everything players need to know about PK Lies. soft hats, And with that, let’s wrap up the guide! If you want to know more about statistics other than soft caps, read this Fextralife page over it!

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