Lies of P: How to Unlock and Upgrade Noblesse Obligations?


In Lies of P Noblesse Oblige is one of the best. movement weapon You can, thanks to His generosity Attribute measurement. Oblivion is a late game. special weapons, And depends on finished You get it, you can trade it for your last or second last rare Ergo. Given this statistics And Versatility, this is a weapon I would definitely recommend for strength. makes NG+ is starting.

Key takeaways

  • Noblesse Oblige is a powerful. Late game special weapon PK lies in what players can get after trading. Fallen Ones Ergo With Alidoro or Explorer Hugo at Hotel Krat.
  • However, in order to obtain the Fallen, they must be defeated. Simon Mans, Awakened God, Who is the main boss at the end of chapter 11?
  • Noblesse Oblige is essentially a. Motive scaling weapon, and its superior properties include its range and damage output.
  • However, the armor is substantial heavy, And his normal and charged attacks are slow.
  • Players can upgrade Noblesse Oblige to +5 From Eugenie Using Ergo in Hotel Krat, Dark Moon Moonstoneand the Full Moon Stone of the Covenant.

How to get decency responsibility in pk lies?

Players can obtain the Noblesse Oblige by visiting Alidoro/Explorer Hugo in Hotel Kraut and trading the Fallen One’s Ergo which they can obtain after killing Simon Mance, the Awakened God.

As a late-game special weapon, Noble’s Obligation is quite difficult to obtain, as you can only get it after you’ve killed it. Simon Mans, The Awakened God. You can find Simon next to the Arch Abbey Cradle of God’s Stargazer in Chapter 11. After defeating the boss, you will get Fallen Ones Ergo. Head back to Hotel Kraut, see Alidoro or Explorer Hugo, and trade the Ergo for a Noble’s Obligation.

Purchase Requirements for Noblesse Oblige (Screenshot by eXputer)

advice: Gaining Noblesse Oblige will prevent you from trading Ergo for Amulet of the Awakened God, which increases the damage inflicted by legendary arts on a staggered enemy. If you are a techie I would suggest picking this up. Amulet is obligatory.

Of course, like Noblesse Oblige, you can read. Boss Weapons Classification Guide, Prepared by our expert guides, The Essay of Jonah To see what other rare weapons you should trade for. Amulet.

Noblesse Oblige stats and abilities

Noblesse Oblige showcase (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)
Base Physical ATK 186
Charge Plus Cells. 16.15
Fable charge 569
Attribute scaling Movement: A | Technique: d
Loss reduction rate during protection 69.90
Weapon Blade Fable Art Ergo release (3 dummy charges)
Weapon Handle Fable Art Endure (1 dummy charge)
The weight 24.7

As mentioned, Noblesse Oblige is primarily a Motivity Weapon that is suited to the Force thanks to its insanity. loss And Range This is one of those few weapons. O rank Motive Scaling, so you can significantly increase its damage output by leveling its corresponding attribute. It is also obligatory D Tier technique scaling, but in my experience, you can get much better. Technical weapons in PK lies

  • Your attack pattern Common attacks There is 1 swing followed by consecutive ground slams until you run out of stamina.
  • Likewise Noblesse Oblige’s attack attack There is only 1 chargeable horizontal swing.
  • For his Fable Arts, Oblige’s weapon uses a blade. 3 Fable charges to perform a wide range downward blow.
  • Additionally, this legendary art could use some. that’s why To increase its damage output.
  • weapon of the handle Legendary art, endures, uses 1 Fable Charge to boost your courage and counter enemy attacks.
Noblesse Oblige weapon Bread Fable Art (Image Source: eXputer)

The upgrade path

As with most special weapons, upgrading Eugenie to Noblesse Obligation only enhances it. Physical ATK. Of course, if your motivation is high, the damage bonus you get for each upgrade will be much higher, so the base and peak damage of this weapon may vary.

Upgrading Noblesse Obligation from Eugenie (Photo by eXputer)

To upgrade Noblesse Oblige to +5 in Lies of P, this is the condition:

Weapons upgrade needs
  • 200x Ergo
  • 1x Black Moon Moonstone of Covenant
  • 240x Ergo
  • 1x Black Moon Moonstone of Covenant
  • 290x Ergo
  • 1x Black Moon Moonstone of Covenant
  • 350x Ergo
  • 1x Full Moonstone of Covenant
  • 430x therefore
  • 2x Full Moonstone of Covenant

My experience and tips

As a technique build, I personally don’t find Noblesse Oblige that useful because it’s pretty slow, super heavy, and doesn’t fit my core attribute. However, for building motivation, I find it an ideal weapon as players begin. NG+

For players looking to use Obligation, I would recommend equipping it. Amulet of Patience As it will increase you significantly. Stamina recovery Speed, enables you to keep constant pressure on the enemy. I would also encourage using arm of god amulet, Because it can increase your damage from consecutive attacks, this is a feature that Noblesse Obligation excels at.

God’s Arm Amulet (Image Source: eXputer)

That wraps up my Noblesse Obligation lie of the P Guide, covers it. location, statisticsAnd upgrade path. As mentioned, this weapon isn’t for every build or playstyle, but for players looking for maximum damage and stagger, there’s no better choice. If you want to see the true potential of a weapon, check it out YouTube video Making a related construction that deals approx. 10,000 loss with every hit.

If you want to see how high you should raise your motivation, learn about it. Soft hats for every state in Lies of PWhich was researched by eXputer’s Guide expert Meena Anwar. For some early game items instead, Moeez Banuri has shared his detailed review on it. Best starting weapon in PK lies. And consider reading about The best in-game Legion Arms Combining Noblesse Oblige with a powerful secondary weapon.


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