Lies of P Guides and Walkthroughs



Explore our complete collection of Lies of P tutorial and guides. It follows the story of a puppet created to save the city of Krat from frenzied puppets and people who succumbed to a disease and became mutants. Based on the story of Pinocchio, this game gives the story a dark twist and also incorporates lies and truths into its own mechanics that can influence the outcome of the story.

We’ve collected all the Lies of P chapter walkthroughs and guides we created and listed them below for easy navigation.

Lies of P Tutorials by chapter

Lies of P has 11 chapters and these are the tutorials for each of them, which include collectibles and choice events:

Lies of P Guides

Listed below are several guides for Lies of P covering game mechanics, collectibles, and story:

Lies of P Boss Fight Guides

Here are the strategy guides on all the Lies of P Bosses and how to beat them:

Also, check out our Lies of P review to see what we thought of the game.

This is a work in progress, stay tuned for more guides coming!



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