Lies of P: Best Boss Weapons (All Ranked)



The treacherous lands of Krat are filled with various monstrosities, and among them, 10 bosses offer special Ergos that can be later exchanged for extraordinary weapons, with above-average stats and unique Fable Arts. Hence, knowing the best boss weapons is important if you want to ease your journey and withstand the mechanical horrors that wander in Lies of P.

Important: The boss’s Ergos can be exchanged for weapons by visiting Alidoro, who can be found in Venigni Workshop or Hotel Krat.

Key Takeaways

  • There are 11 Special Weapons in Lies of P, out of which 10 can be obtained by defeating a boss.
  • The main advantage of boss weapons is that they offer above-average stats, unique movesets, and extraordinary Fable Arts.
  • The major drawback of boss weapons in Lies of P is that they cannot be disassembled and are locked behind the game’s toughest encounters.
  • Urboros Eye, Twin Dragon Sword, And Puppet Ripper are the best boss weapons in Lies of P.

Best Boss Weapons In Lies of P

Here are all the best boss weapons in Lies of P, along with their Physical Attack, Type, Weight, and other stats.

Weapons Type Weight Motivity Technique Physical Attack
Uroboro’s Eye Sword 16.5 C B 124
Two Dragons Sword Sword 12.9 D A 107
Puppet Ripper Sword 16.4 C B 132
Trident of the Covenant Blunt 16.4 C B 115
Noblesse Oblige Large Blunt 24.7 A D 153
Proof of Humanity Sword 20.5 B B 100
Etiqutte Dagger 7.9 D A 80
Holy Sword of the Ark Greatsword 21.1 B C 140+128
Seven-Coil Spring Sword Greatsword 18.7 B C 129
Frozen Feast Greatsword 31.1 B C 167

10. Frozen Feast

Frozen Feast Weapon
Rank 10 – Frozen Feast
Stats  Attributes 
Type  Greatsword
Weight  31.1
Motivity Scaling  B
Technique Scaling  C
Physical Attack 167

How To Get: Defeat Champion Victor, located at Grand Exhibition, and exchange Reborn Champion’s Ergo for Frozen Feast.

Frozen Feast is the heaviest weapon on my list, but that heaviness does not come at the cost of any useful utility. It is incredibly slow and requires a great amount of investment in Capacity, all for nothing. Swinging the sword feels sluggish and clunky and is not really useful against any of the bosses.

One of its Fable Arts basically increases its attack speed and makes it viable, but the time duration for that is incredibly short, making it a weapon hard to recommend.

Fable Arts Descriptions
Liberate Drop all of the rocks attached to the sword for an increase in attack speed.
Single Slash Unleash slow forward slash attack

9. Seven-Coil Spring Sword

Spring Sword
Rank 9- Seven-Coiled Spring Sword
Stats  Attributes 
Type  Greatsword
Weight  18.7
Motivity Scaling  B
Technique Scaling  C
Physical Attack 129

How To Get: Defeat the Parade Master in Krat Center City Plaza and exchange Parade Leader’s Ergo Quartz for Seven-Coil Spring Sword.

Seven-Coil Spring Sword is a drop from the first boss you encounter in Lies of P. It’s a Motivity Weapon with swift light attacks, making it great for one-on-one encounters. Spring Sword’s charged heavy attacks have an incredible range as well, making it great for dealing with a group of enemies, although at the cost of a long windup animation, which leaves you vulnerable.

Overall, the weapon works well against most normal enemies, but when it comes to Elite enemies and bosses, the heavy attacks can be tricky to time, and you can find much better alternatives later on for base damage in the category of Motivity weapons.

Fable Arts Descriptions
Seven Explosions A charged downward blow followed by multiple forward ground explosions
Guard Parry Time your guard to unleash a devastating attack

8. Holy Sword Of The Ark

Holy Sword of the Ark
Rank 8 – Holy Sword of the Ark
Stats  Attributes 
Type  Greatsword
Weight  21.1
Motivity Scaling  B
Technique Scaling  C
Physical Attack 140+128

How To Get: Defeat King’s Flame Fuoco, located in Venigni Works Control Room, and trade King’s Flame Ergo for Holy Sword of the Ark.

Holy Sword of the Ark is another trick weapon on my list of best boss weapons in Lies of P. In its base form, the weapon is quite mediocre. The attacks are very slow, which makes it very hard to connect them with enemies, no matter how good the damage is. The Fable Art, on the other hand, is quite fast.

In its spear state, the Holy Sword of the Ark is a much more practical option in combat. The spear state has a decent speed and range in both its light and heavy attacks but lacks the damage of its sword form. To effectively use the Holy Sword of the Ark, you’ll need to analyze which state of the weapon to use and when.

Fable Arts Descriptions
Patient Smash Charge and unleash a devastating forward smash.
Alter Transform the sword into a spear.

7. Etiquette

Etiquette Weapon
Rank 7 – Etiquette
Stats  Attributes 
Type  Dagger
Weight  7.9
Motivity Scaling  D
Technique Scaling  A
Physical Attack 80

How To Get: Defeat the Scrapped Watchman in Krat City Hall and exchange Broken Hero’s Ergo for Etiquette.

This umbrella-themed weapon, known as the “Etiquette,” is a very good early weapon in Lies of P. Its moveset is reminiscent of that of a rapier, but what differentiates is the distance you can cover with each hit, making it very useful against enemies and bosses that like to backstep. However, as a technique weapon, it’s lacking in damage, and you’ll find much better alternatives later on.

Another unique aspect of Etiquette is its umbrella opening animation at the end of its light and heavy-charged attacks. During the animation, the player will take the damage but can’t get staggered, making it extremely useful against bosses who unleash a relentless barrage of melee attacks or have long and delayed attack animations. 

Fable Arts Descriptions
Single Stab A powerful piercing attack
Absolute Counterattack Counter the enemy after a perfect guard

6. Proof of Humanity

Proof of Humanity weapon
Rank 6 – Proof of Humanity
Stats  Attributes 
Type  Sword
Weight  20.5
Motivity Scaling  B
Technique Scaling  B
Physical Attack 100

How To Get: Defeat the secret final boss, “Nameless Puppet,” located in “Under The Abyss,” and exchange Nameless Puppet’s Ergo for Proof of Humanity.

Proof of Humanity is another incredibly fast weapon on my list that excels in quick-light and heavy attacks. Using its heavy attack transforms it into dual blades that can unleash a series of devastating attacks. This is especially useful for inflicting ailments upon enemies.

Its Fable Art “Link Slash” is also similar in that regard, although the damage dealt is much higher. A stand feature of Proof of Humanity is its incredible Guard damage negation, making it easier to withstand enemy blows. It also has decent scaling with both Motivity and Technique, making it a viable choice for both builds.

Fable Arts Descriptions
Link Slash Unleash a forward dual-blade slash, which can be followed up with 3 more strikes.
Grind Raises Critical Hit Chance

5. Noblesse Oblige

Noblesse Oblige weapon
Rank 5 – Noblesse Oblige
Stats  Attributes 
Type  Large Blunt 
Weight  24.7
Motivity Scaling  A
Technique Scaling  D
Physical Attack 153

How To Get: Defeat Simon Manus, Awakened God, located in the Arche Abbey Cradle of the Gods, and exchange Fallen One’s Ergo for Noblesse Oblige.

Noblesse is one the best Motivity weapons in Lies of P that you can acquire by killing a boss. It’s a large blunt-type weapon with a high stagger rate and damage. Its attack animations may look slow, but you can most likely stun-lock all of the normal enemies with its attacks. However, it all comes at a cost of high weight, requiring significant investment in Capacity stat.

What really sets it apart is its Fable Art, “Ergo Release.” This attack consumes around 500 Ergo but, in return, deals an extraordinary amount of damage, bringing even the toughest foes of Lies of P to their knees. 

Fable Arts Descriptions
Ergo Release Release a huge AOE attack at the cost of Ergo
Endure Withstand enemy attacks temporarily

4. Trident of the Covenant

Noblesse Oblige weapon
Rank 5 – Noblesse Oblige
Stats  Attributes 
Type  Blunt 
Weight  16.4
Motivity Scaling  C
Technique Scaling  B
Physical Attack 115

How To Get: Defeat Fallen Archbishop Andreus in Archbishop Alter and trade Twisted Angel’s Ergo for Trident of the Covenant.

Trident of the Covenant is an extraordinary weapon with minimal weaknesses. It is a Technique Weapon, with moderately fast light attacks and lunging heavy attacks that can cover great distances, making it very easy to land attacks against agile bosses. Its standout feature is definitely its Critical Rate, making it one of the best weapons in Lies of P against bosses.

It also comes with a unique Fable Art called  “Link Rush Stab” that can transition into a downward strike at the cost of an extra Fable Bar slot. It is an all-around great weapon that works very well against elite enemies and bosses.

Fable Arts Descriptions
Link Rush Stab A forward slash followed by a downward strike
Guard Parry Time your guard and follow it up with a counterattack

3. Puppet Ripper

Puppet Ripper Weapon
Rank 3 – Puppet Ripper
Stats  Attributes 
Type  Sword
Weight  16.4
Motivity Scaling  C
Technique Scaling  B
Physical Attack 132

How To Get: Defeat King of Puppets in Estella Opera House Stage and exchange Burnt-White King’s Ergo for Puppet Ripper.

A personal favorite when exploring the fantastical world of Krat. Puppet Ripper is a Scythe-type weapon that can transform into a whip, similar to Threaded Cane from Bloodborne. The attacks are fast and can definitely keep up with some of the faster enemies in the game, and the heavy attack that transforms it into a giant whip makes it great for dealing with huge crowds of enemies.

Additionally, its Fable Arts are designed in a similar manner. Quick Upward Slash is a great choice for high single-target damage, and Storm Spinning Slash is suitable for dealing with a hoard of enemies. However, both of these Fabale Arts consume three bars.

Fable Arts Descriptions
Quick Upward Slash A fast upward forward slash
Storm Spinning Slash P holds the blade up and spins it around for a short duration

2. Two Dragons Sword

Two Dragons Sword
Rank 2 – Two Dragons Sword
Stats  Attributes 
Type  Sword 
Weight  12.9 
Motivity Scaling  D
Technique Scaling  A
Physical Attack 107

How To Get: Defeat Puppet-Devouring Green Monster, located in Barren Swamp Nest, and exchange it’s Ergo with Two Dragons Sword.

Two Dragons Sword is one of the fastest boss weapons in Lies of P. It not only has extremely quick light attacks but also has split-second heavy attacks. Its standout feature is a heavy attack that transitions into a Perfect Guard, and accurately nailing the attack not only opens up an opportunity for a follow-up attack but is also extremely satisfying to land.

Usually, an attack like this is locked behind Fable Arts, but that is not the case for the Two Dragons Sword, which cements its place as one of the best boss weapons in Lies of P. Additionally, it also has an AOE attack in the form of Fable Art, named “Wind of Swords.”

Fable Arts Descriptions
Link Emergency Dodge Perform a quick dodge and follow it up with an attack
Wind of Swords Launch a horizontal projectile attack

1. Uroboro’s Eye

Uroboros Sword in Lies of P
Rank 1 – Uroboros Eye
Stats  Attributes 
Type  Sword
Weight  16.5
Motivity Scaling  C
Technique Scaling  B
Physical Attack 124

How To Get: Defeat Laxasia The Complete at Ascension Bridge and exchange Sad Zealot’s Ergo for Uroboro’s Eye.

Uroboro’s Eye is my favorite boss weapon when fighting against mobs, and in my opinion, the best boss weapon in Lies of P. It has quick light attacks for swift enemies and a heavy attack that covers the most range out of any weapons, making it very hard for bosses to evade it.

What I really love about this weapon is its extremely useful Fable Arts. Wandering Moon lets you use it like a boomerang and deal great damage from a very safe distance, and Storm Notice turns into the chainsaw that deals bonus damage on top of your normal attacks, similar to Whirlwig Saw from Bloodborne, except this one will cost Fable Art bar.

Fable Arts Descriptions
Wandering Moon Throw the weapon at the enemy like a boomerang
Storm Notice Increases the number of bonus hits per attack

This concludes my guide on the best boss weapons in Lies of P. While you are at it, consider reading the guide on legion arms, starting class, and the Mystery of Dorothy in Lies of P.

My Thoughts

Uroboro’s Eye is the best boss weapon in Lies of P. Not only does the weapon have incredible speed, but it also offers great coverage and damage. Attacks from safe distances, bonus damage, and decent range make it stand out from the rest. It checks all the right boxes of what makes a good weapon in Lies of P, and is my goto weapon for most bosses in the game.


Image Credits: Salty

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