Lies of P All Bosses In Order (Chapter, Strategy, And Rewards)


The bosses in Lies of P are considerably more challenging than others in Soulslike games due to the title’s fierce combat. Like most games, Lies of P offers a blend of main and optional bosses, some of which you can fight in any order. There are also a few secret bosses that you can encounter if you pick certain choices or pursue certain questlines.

Key Takeaways

  • There are 25 bosses in Lies of P, out of which 14 are main bosses while 11 are optional.
  • Optional bosses can be skipped by either avoiding their interaction or selecting certain dialogue options.
  • However, the main bosses need to be fought in their respective order to progress through the story.
  • Most main bosses, when killed, drop a Rare Ergo, which players can trade for either a powerful amulet or weapon via Alidoro or Explorer Hugo at Hotel Krat.
  • From personal experience, the most challenging bosses in Lies of P include King of Puppets, Laxasia the Complete, Simon Manus, and Nameless Puppet.

All Bosses In Order In Lies of P

Here’s a quick overview of all the bosses and their corresponding order that you can fight in Lies of P:

Parade Master 1 Main Parade Leader’s Ergo, Quartz
Mad Donkey 2 Main None
Scrapped Watchman 2 Main Overcharged Storage Battery, Broken Hero’s Ergo, Quartz, Core, Small Wooden Officer Puppet
Puppet Of The Future 3 Optional Quartz, Radiant Ergo Chunk
Survivor 3 Optional Stalker’s Promise, Survivor’s Mask, Survivor’s Hunting Apparel
King’s Flame, Fuoco 3 Main High-powered Flame Amplifier, King’s Flame Ergo, Flame Grindstone
The Atoned 4 Optional Cable Railway Key, The Atoned’s Mask
Fallen Archbishop Andreus 4 Main Twisted Angel’s Ergo
The Eldest Of The Black Rabbit Brotherhood 5 Main Resplendent Ergo Chunk, Taunt
The White Lady 6 Optional The White Lady’s Mask, The White Lady’s Locket
Mad Clown Puppet 6 Optional Quartz
King Of Puppets 6 Main Burnt-White King’s Ergo, Puppet Prince’s Formal Dress, Someone’s Necklace
Champion Victor 7 Main Reborn Champion’s Ergo
Owl Doctor 8 Optional Owl Doctor’s Mask
Green Monster of the Swamp 8 Main Puppet-Devouring Green Hunter’s Ergo, Golden Ergo
Robber Weasel 9 Optional Robber Weasel’s Mask, Robber Weasel’s Hunting Apparel
Walker Of Illusions 9 Optional Legion Caliber, Dark Moon Moonstone of the Covenant
Corrupted Parade Master 9 Main Full Moonstone, Quartz
The Black Rabbit Brotherhood 10 Main Quartz
Door Guardian 11 Main High-level Alchemist Badge
Black Cat 11 Optional Black Cat’s Mask
Laxasia, The Complete 11 Main Sad Zealot’s Ergo
Red Fox 11 Optional Red Fox’s Mask
Simon Manus, Awakened God 11 Main Fallen One’s Ergo, Arm of God
Nameless Puppet 11 Optional Nameless Puppet’s Ergo

1. Parade Master

  • Boss Type: Main
  • Rewards: Parade Leader’s Ergo, Quartz

The first main boss you encounter in Lies of P is the Parade Master near the Cerasani Alley in Chapter 1. While he may look menacing initially, his moves are prolonged and well-choreographed. Furthermore, the Parade Master lacks range, so if you’re using Technique Weapons, you can get close to poke him and then retreat to reposition yourself.

Parade Master’s Boss Arena (Image Source: eXputer)

2. Mad Donkey

  • Boss Type: Main
  • Rewards: None

Coming from the Parade Master in Lies of P, the Mad Donkey is much easier to tackle thanks to his low damage output and weak poise. You can find him in Chapter 2 near the Alchemist Bridge just as you leave Elysion Boulevard. As an extra tip, try backstabbing him as much as possible since I found it extremely simple to get behind him as a lightweight build.

Mad Donkey’s boss arena (Screenshot taken by eXputer)

3. Scrapped Watchman

  • Boss Type: Main
  • Rewards: Overcharged Storage Battery, Broken Hero’s Ergo, Quartz, Core, Small Wooden Officer Puppet

The Scrapped Watchman is one of the first bosses most players will struggle with in Lies of P. You can find the Wachman in the Krat City Hall Courtyard beyond the Krat City Hall Stargazer in Chapter 2. 

Scrapped Watchman’s boss arena (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

4. Puppet Of The Future

  • Boss Type: Optional
  • Rewards: Quartz, Radiant Ergo Chunk

Found near the Workshop Union Culvert in Chapter 3, the Puppet of the Future is an optional boss whom you can easily cheese. This bulky behemoth hits hard, but he’ll barely hit you due to his awful range and several exploitable spots.

Puppet of the Future’s boss arena (Image Source: eXputer)

Important: You can avoid fighting the Puppet of the Future by simply not dropping down to his arena at the base of the Culvert via the ladder.

5. Survivor

  • Boss Type: Optional
  • Rewards: Stalker’s Promise, Survivor’s Mask, Survivor’s Hunting Apparel
The Survivor (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

Unlike a lot of bosses on this list, the order of fighting the Survivor may vary in Lies of P since the ladder to get to him is easily missable. Found just before the Venigni Works Stargazer in Chapter 3, the Survivor is a nimble NPC boss fight with long attack strings and small attack windows.

Rewards for killing the Survivor (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

6. King’s Flame, Fuoco

  • Boss Type: Main
  • Rewards: High-powered Flame Amplifier, King’s Flame Ergo, Flame Grindstone

Fuoco is the final boss of Chapter 3 and is exceptionally tough in Lies of P’s early-game phase. I’d recommend using an Attribute Resistance Ampoule to resist his Overheat-based attacks for this fight. You should also avoid getting greedy since his arsenal has a few delay attacks.

Flame King Fuoco’s boss arena (Screenshot by eXputer)

7. The Atoned

  • Boss Type: Optional
  • Rewards: Cable Railway Key, The Atoned’s Mask

The Atoned is an optional boss found near the lift wagon in Chapter 4’s Moonlight Town. You can engage in her boss fight by selecting the “Do Nothing” dialogue option during her interaction, or you can avoid her entirely by selecting the “Give the Stalker’s Greeting” option.

The Atoned’s boss arena (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

Important: You can receive the “Give the Stalker’s Greeting” dialogue option after killing the Survivor in Chapter 3.


8. Fallen Archbishop Andreus

  • Boss Type: Main
  • Rewards: Twisted Angel’s Ergo

Andreus is the main boss found at the end of St. Frangelico’s Cathedral in Lies of P’s Chapter 4. This is the first boss you’ll face with 2 phases, each with separate HP bars. His first phase is relatively simple, with a bulky monster performing slow, telegraphed attacks. However, in his second phase, you must now additionally face Andreus himself hanging at the monster’s back.

Fallen Archbishop Andreus’s boss arena (Screenshot by eXputer)

9. The Eldest Of The Black Rabbit Brotherhood

The Black Rabbit Brotherhood is the only major boss you’ll fight in Lies of P’s Chapter 5, the Malum District. Here, you’ll be primarily fighting the Eldest brother. However, a different member of the Brotherhood will join to fight against you in certain phases. 

Eldest of the Brotherhood’s boss arena (Screenshot by eXputer)

10. The White Lady

  • Boss Type: Optional
  • Rewards: The White Lady’s Mask, The White Lady’s Locket

You can encounter the White Lady early on in Chapter 6 near the Rosa Isabelle Street Entrance Stargazer. She’s standing atop the stage where the music is playing, and since she’s optional, you can skip her fight by not interacting with her. 

White Lady’s Boss Arena (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

11. Mad Clown Puppet

  • Boss Type: Optional
  • Rewards: Quartz

The Mad Clown Puppet is yet another optional boss near the Rosa Isabelle Street Entrance Stargazer in Chapter 6. Before he gets close enough to start fighting you, there will be 2 Flamethrower puppets who reach you first.

Mad Clown Puppet’s boss arena (Screenshot taken by eXputer)

12. King Of Puppets

  • Boss Type: Main
  • Rewards: Burnt-White King’s Ergo, Puppet Prince’s Formal Dress, Someone’s Necklace

The King of Puppets is the final and only main boss of Chapter 6, but he’s one of the most challenging in-game fights. This is another two-phase fight, in which his first phase is a giant puppet with wide-range and AoE attacks. However, the real trouble in my experience is his second phase, where he becomes Romeo, the King of Puppets, a human-like boss.

King Of Puppets’ boss arena (Screenshot by eXputer)

13. Champion Victor

  • Boss Type: Main
  • Rewards: Reborn Champion’s Ergo

Victor is a brute-like main boss that you can fight at the end of the Grand Exhibition Gallery in Chapter 7. He has 2 phases but only 1 HP bar, and fortunately, there’s barely any difference between the 2 phases. Like Romeo, the quickest way to beat is by parrying and getting him to the Staggered state.

Champion Victor’s arena (Image by eXputer)

14. Owl Doctor

  • Boss Type: Optional
  • Rewards: Owl Doctor’s Mask
The Owl Doctor (Screenshot taken by eXputer)

The Owl Doctor is the first optional boss you can fight by entering the house on the western edge of the swamp beyond the Barren Swamp Stargazer in Chapter 8. Once you approach him, his fight becomes unavoidable, but he’s a fairly straightforward NPC boss.

Owl Doctor’s boss fight reward (Image by eXputer)

15. Green Monster of the Swamp

  • Boss Type: Main
  • Rewards: Puppet-Devouring Green Hunter’s Ergo, Golden Ergo

The Green Monster of the Swamp is a two-phase fight with two separate HP bars near the Barren Swamp Bridge Stargazer in Chapter 8. One of the most frustrating aspects about this boss in Lies of P is its decay-based attacks, which can fill up your Decay meter within a few hits.

Puppet-Devouring Monster’s Boss Arena (Image Source: eXputer)

16. Robber Weasel

  • Boss Type: Optional
  • Rewards: Robber Weasel’s Mask, Robber Weasel’s Hunting Apparel

You can find the Robber Weasel inside a small room near the Krat Central Station Platform in Chapter 9. Like most optional bosses, you can skip the Weasel by not interacting with her, as she’s not part of the main path.

Robber Weasel’s boss arena (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

17. Walker Of Illusions

The Walker of Illusions is another optional boss in Chapter 9, specifically near the Collapsed Street Stargazer. If you’re good at parrying, you can easily tackle the Walker’s quick and spontaneous attacks. However, once she drops to a certain HP level, she’ll spawn another Walker you’ll need to deal with.

Walker of Illusions’ boss arena (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

18. Corrupted Parade Master

  • Boss Type: Main
  • Rewards: Full Moonstone, Quartz

The Corrupted Parade Master is among the few reskin fights you must endure near Chapter 9’s Krat Central Station Street Stargazer. The arena is identical to the original Parade Master, but the boss itself is noticeably different. 

Corrupted Parade Master’s arena (Image by eXputer)

19. The Black Rabbit Brotherhood

  • Boss Type: Main
  • Rewards: Quartz

The Black Rabbit Brotherhood is the first and only boss fight in Lies of P’s Chapter 10, the Relic of Trismegistus. Unlike the previous Brotherhood fight with a single phase against one major enemy and his supporting allies, you’ll need to simultaneously the other 3 Black Rabbit Brotherhood members – Battle Manic, Eccentric, and Youngest.

The Black Rabbit Brotherhood’s boss arena (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

20. Door Guardian

  • Boss Type: Main
  • Rewards: High-level Alchemist Badge

Starting with Lies of P’s final chapter, the first main boss you’ll encounter is the Door Guardian beyond the Black Seaside Stargazer. Although the Guardian has beefy attacks and extraordinarily large HP, you’re meant to constantly attack him to reach his Staggered state.

Door Guardian’s boss arena (Image by eXputer)

21. Black Cat

  • Boss Type: Optional
  • Rewards: Black Cat’s Mask

The Black Cat is an optional NPC fight found near the Arche Abbey Outer Wall Stargazer. You can skip this fight entirely by giving the NPC the Gold Coin Fruit during his dialogue sequence.

Black Cat’s arena (Image by eXputer)

22. Laxasia, The Complete

  • Boss Type: Main
  • Rewards: Sad Zealot’s Ergo

Found near the Arche Abbey Prayer Room Stargazer, Laxasia is a two-phase fight where her first phase is pretty simple to master since you can strafe across most of her attacks. However, the real trouble is her second phase, where her attacks multiply in speed and damage and cause Electric Blitz.

Laxasia, The Complete’s boss arena (Screenshot taken by eXputer)

23. Red Fox

  • Boss Type: Optional
  • Rewards: Red Fox’s Mask

Found near the Arche Abbey Upper Part Stargazer in Chapter 11, you can only skip the Red Fox boss fight if you save her brother, Black Cat, and give her the Gold Coin Fruit. However, the fight becomes unavoidable if you kill her brother or decline her request after saving Black Cat. If you decide to fight her, be sure to equip some long-ranged weapon since she has a habit of quickstepping away from the player.

Red Fox’s boss arena (Image Source: eXputer)

24. Simon Manus, Awakened God

  • Boss Type: Main
  • Rewards: Fallen One’s Ergo, Arm of God

Simon Manus is the final main boss in Lies of P, found near the Arche Abbey Cradle of the Gods Stargazer at the end of Chapter 11. He is a two-phase fight, and fortunately, his first phase is extremely easy with slow, well-telegraphed, and dodgeable attacks. However, his second phase is much more challenging, with several attacks that cause Disruption, which is an insta-kill mechanic in Lies of P once it fills up.

Simon Manus, Awakened God’s boss arena (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

25. Nameless Puppet

  • Boss Type: Optional
  • Rewards: Nameless Puppet’s Ergo

The Nameless Puppet is an optional secret boss you can only fight if you decline Geppeto’s request to give him your heart. Again, this boss tests your parrying skills to their absolute peak, and since it’s a two-phase fight with separate HP bars, you’ll also need to manage your Weapon’s Durability. Once he gets to low HP in his first phase, he can also use a Pulse Cell to regain some health, although he can only use it once throughout the fight.

Nameless Puppet’s boss arena (Screenshot taken by eXputer)

Upon killing the boss, you’ll receive an emotional cutscene and the “Rise of P” ending, which most players consider the best ending in Lies of P. For more insight, check out the following YouTube video for the full Nameless Puppet boss fight showcase and the Rise of P.

My Experience With Lies Of P’s Bosses

Most of the bosses I faced in Lies of P were challenging but fun, and the rewards were worthwhile. On my initial playthrough, which took over 45 hours, the only bosses I missed were the Owl Doctor and Survivor, which I fought later on.

My save slots in Lies of P (Image Credits: eXputer)

For me, the most difficult in-game bosses were the aggressive, nimble archetypes like Romeo, King of Puppets, Laxasia’s second phase, and the Nameless Puppet. And like me, if you’re struggling against these bosses, I’d suggest using up all your consumables and throwing objects. You can also summon a Spectre to help distribute agro and maximize damage.

That wraps up my complete guide on all the bosses in order in Lies of P, detailing their locations and rewards. In my experience, each boss has its own pros and cons, but they were all fun to fight. After my initial 45-hour playthrough, I can’t wait to jump back into NG+ and use a new build against these bosses.

If you’re struggling against any of the bosses on the list, Haris has some great recommendations on the best weapon combinations in Lies of P. For upgrading your favorite in-game weapon to tackle the challenges, check out this Hidden Moonstone Farm guide. And be sure to visit Huzaifa Amjad’s insight on Sophia’s choices in Lies of P to see how the title’s narrative can be modified.


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