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LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga Gets Game Breaking Bug Preventing 100% Completion

One LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga participant discovers a recreation breaking bug that stops everybody to compete the sport with 100%.

Reddit person Anauticus lately shared a new clip showcasing the Hungry Happabore quest set in Jakku’s Niima Outpost. In order to finish this quest, gamers want to look a sure Happabore on Niima Outpost. After discovering one, the character that will probably be unlocked after finishing this quest, Unkar Plutt, arrives and calls for his parts again, which the Happabore stole.

The downside is, the sport immediately will get caught on that sure cutscene and it by no means completes it. It would normally finish after a sure scene with each characters, however in Anauticus’ clip, each characters are simply dancing indefinitely. Players might run round, however the digicam wouldn’t comply with the character. Walking out of the digicam additionally doesn’t shut the scene, which meant it’s now in a loop and desires a restart to repair it.

There is one fascinating function that’s frequent in the entire clip and that’s the recreation’s Galaxy Rave additional, a bonus function that turns places into a giant social gathering with lights on. It would appear this was the reason for the bug. Anauticus says disabling the function makes the hunt full usually.

LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga is now obtainable on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.

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