Leaks reveal that Tekken Force mode is back in Tekken 8.


Highlights of the story

  • Leaked Tekken 8 gameplay images reveal what the Tekken Force game mode looks like.
  • The leaked images surfaced online after players got access to Tekken 8’s CBT on Steam today.
  • It is unclear if these images are from a separate game mode or part of Tekken 8’s story campaign.

Several leaked Tekken 8 gameplay images have surfaced online. social media. The images show what appears to be a Tekken Force game mode and were shared online shortly after Tekken 8’s CBT became available for download. steam. Remember Bandai Namco has not made any announcements regarding the return of the Tekken Force mode.

The Tekken Force game mode last appeared in Tekken 4 and was later reintroduced as a Devel Within mini-game in Tekken 5 and then as a scenario campaign in Tekken 6. For now, it is unclear if the leaked images are of a separate game mode in Tekken 8 or part of the story campaign like in Tekken 6.

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Earlier, Bandai Namco announced that the Tekken Ball mod would be making its own. Return to Tekken 8. Tekken Ball mode was another fun gameplay mode that was introduced in Tekken 3 along with Tekken Force mode. However, unlike the Tekken Force mod, Tekken Ball has not returned to any canon games apart from Tekken 8, which is set to release on January 24th. PlayStation 5, PC, Xbox Series SAnd Xbox Series X.

Tekken 8 CBT recently became available to download on PC. The closed beta test is scheduled to start on October 20th and will end on October 23rd for all platforms. It is expected to offer many new features compared to CBT. Closed network test which was held in July, which included new characters and game modes. You can sign up for the upcoming CBT. Here. However, players accessing the CNT in July do not need to sign up again.

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