Leaker claims there is no information about possible PS5 Pro hardware upgrade



A leaker has claimed that there is no news regarding a possible PS5 Pro hardware upgrade for the PS5 console system.

filter tom henderson has recently shared new information about the upcoming PS5 with a removable drive and other related information. Specifically, he claims that he has heard more about the next PlayStation console, the alleged PS6 than the rumored PS5 Pro. He believes that there will be no version of PS5 Pro in the future and that the new PS5 console model that has been Doing the rounds online lately is just a second generation of the base hardware. He claims this would greatly reduce Sony’s production and shipping costs for the latest PlayStation console.

This second-generation model of the PS5-based console will replace the current version in stores later. Henderson believes it will take the place of the PS5 disc and digital versions of the console that were produced in 2020. He claims it will happen sometime in September 2023. No more two versions of the SKU, just singular as the disc drive will now be available as an optional accessory.

Now that the PS5 shortage is over, it makes sense for SIE to start churning out the best version of its latest console. Making it available to everyone around the world, having only one model to produce to maximize output, and offering the detachable unit as an option for fans would be the best course of action for the company. With SIE’s earlier announcement of strong PS5 supply in Asia and Japan, it’s only a matter of time before the rest of the world follows.

As CEO Jim Ryan said, “The PS5 shortage is over!”



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