League of Legends teases two new champions



Riot Games has recently teased two new champions which will join the roster of the popular video game League of Legends.

Two new champions will join League of Legends later this year: an enchanter and an assassin named Milio and Naafiri. This new information comes from a preview video explaining new content coming to League later this year. The speaker said the team is planning for a more diverse champion pool that includes all cultures, genders, and skill levels in the game.

The male charmer named Milio comes from Ishtal, who has an incredible understanding of the anxiom of fire. His fire abilities are actually used to soothe wounds rather than cause destruction and chaos.

The assassin named Naafiri is described as a melee warrior who focuses more on hunting than other roles. This character will be able to use bodies to prowl the battlefield as part of the pack. This is also the first Darkin champion to be added to League of Legends.

There will be a number of significant changes to the League of Legends ranking system. In the middle of the season, the classification will be rest. As a reward for participating in the competitions, there will be two ranked skins to be rewarded.

League of Legends is now available for PC.



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