Latest Lords of the Fallen 1.1.199 Update Patch Notes (PC-Steam)


Hexworks just released the Update 1.1.199 for Lords of the Fallen, which fixes major AMD GPU glitches and revamps multiplayer matchmaking. Let’s delve into the new features and improvements of this revolutionary patch:

Highlights of update 1.1.199:

  • AMD GPU Crash Fixes: The patch promises significant crash reduction for players using AMD graphics cards by preventing certain shader submissions.
  • Improved multiplayer matchmaking: A reimagined multiplayer matchmaking system aims to decrease high-ping matchups and “can’t connect” errors.
  • Orian Protector Review: Temporarily disabled for a review of the more engaging gameplay loop.
  • The return of crossplay: Once its stability in PvP and PvE is guaranteed, crossplay will be reintroduced.

Detailed patch notes for version 1.1.199:

Arrangement of AMD’s main GPUs

  • Fixed multiple GPU crashes on AMD cards by skipping Niagara compute shader dispatches when the number of threads exceeds what is supported by the hardware.
  • This update should resolve most of the bugs reported in Sentry, as more than 30% of them were caused by this problem in the communication between the drivers and DirectX12.

Sentry Reported Issues

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when interacting with an NPC character, especially when the NPC character’s actor was not ready.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when opening the inventory and an item being removed when filtering categories (DLC items that no longer exist in the player’s inventory).
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when trying to set the description of an item that no longer exists (DLC items that no longer exist in the player’s inventory).
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when soul skinning certain entities.
  • Fixed an issue when clearing a C++ timer for fog doors.
  • Fixed an issue that occurred when trying to determine which ammo slot was selected without having a valid inventory component.
  • Fixed a very rare crash that could occur when picking up an item if the item disappeared while the montage was playing.
  • Added a check to ensure we have a player pawn on the client before attempting to disable interactions.
  • Made sure the payload in the trigger event is correct and otherwise terminated the skill.

Multiplayer setting

After listening to community feedback and observing numerous hours of PvP and PVE matches, we identified certain matchmaking time issues that result in “unable to connect” messages. Additionally, matchmaking at high pings has caused annoying rubber banding. In response, we’ve made several adjustments to the rules we use for player matchmaking. We now prioritize finding players with good ping rather than connecting quickly. As a result, instead of almost instant connections with other players, it may take a few minutes at most, but a better ping connection with the opponent will be established. We believe this will lead to a better overall experience.

  • Adjusted multiplayer times and pings to prioritize establishing a strong connection between players rather than reducing matchmaking times.
  • Temporarily disabled the Orian Protector feature to modify it for a more engaging gameplay loop. Previously, Orian Protectors would join an invaded player to help in the fight. However, this caused confusion among players and was reported as a bug several times. We are reviewing this feature to improve its functionality. We plan to reintroduce crossplay to the online experience once we have collected enough data from both PVE and PVP and ensured its stability.


  • The price of the Flame Funnel spell in the Remembrance store has been adjusted.
  • Social Sanctuary objectives are being adjusted based on player progression and predictions.
  • Fixed purchasable items at shrines missing skipinventory bool set to true.

Game settings

  • Fixed Soulflay attack to avoid falling off a ledge when stepping back right after using it.
  • Fixed incorrect player orientation when interacting with NPCs and attempting to move.
  • Updated the “Recover Vigor” animation to be faster, can be interrupted more quickly, and added invincibility frames (iframes) until Vigor is restored.
  • Changed the “Empty Sanguinarix” animation to be faster and interruptable sooner.


  • Fixed an issue in farming with Scarlet Shadow where she would fall through the world alone on each spawn. Now, if you let your character farm alone, you may find them dead when you return.
  • Changed the gameplay sublayer of the invasion area in Fritzroy’s Gorge to avoid rare cases where the invader would appear underground at the start of the invasion.
  • Previously, players could go out of bounds and fall out of the world at Hallowed Sisters Abbey.


  • The Scorn effigy’s lower LODs have been adjusted to activate the physics of his clothing.

user interface

  • The skip cinematic flow has been improved by displaying the required key on the screen when any button is pressed.

This update is a testament to Hexworks’ dedication to improving the Lords of the Fallen gaming experience. Players are recommended to install the update as soon as possible to take full advantage of these advancements.

While the PC Steam community benefits from improvements in patch v.1.1.199, Xbox and PS5 players recently received their own set of updates in patch v.1.1.196, which fixes several game crashes and adjustments. of AI. As usual, community comments is invaluable and continued collaboration will ensure further improvements in the future.


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