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Kristen Bell Suffered Anxiety, With Physical Effects, After The Good Place Ended

Kristen Bell inadvertently found herself at The Bad Place for a period after production wrapped on the final season of the NBC sitcom The Good Place.

the good place Star Kristen Bell revealed that after the NBC series wrapped up its fourth and final season, she suffered a bout of anxiety-induced eczema.

The Eleanor Shellstrop actor told the Radio Times that working on the good place It felt like a home and a safe space. Once production wrapped on the show’s final season and that environment was gone, Bell said she felt like “the rug had been pulled out from under me.” [her].” She said, “My home was gone.” It was at this time that Bell revealed that she suffered from anxiety that manifested itself in physical symptoms such as eczema.

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the good place’The finale, “Whenever You’re Ready”, aired in January 2020 just before the widespread lockdown caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. As the network comedy sought to address philosophical and existential questions, many lessons from the series were applied to the global health crisis. Creator Michael Schur even used the good placeThe popularization of the hypothetical Trolley Problem as a metaphor for quarantine measures.

The impact of the good place

the notion that the good place could be extended beyond comfort viewing and used as a tool to contextualize larger social issues, it would come as no surprise to Bell, who described the afterlife comedy as “brimming with meaning.” The actress told the Radio Times that working on the NBC sitcom led to her own extracurricular exploration of philosophy, sociology and related topics that contributed to the show’s unique voice. Bell explained that the good place influenced his standards for the projects he hopes to carry out in the future. “I like escapist entertainment, but now I’m looking for a little more meaning in my work,” Bell specified of the series’ impact on his career.

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“It’s led me to a lot of interesting reading about how humanity functions as a giant organism,” Bell said. He also claimed that the scope and depth of the good placeThe subject of her has put her in debt to Schur as a television creator. “Until the day I die, I will revel in Mike,” she said. “I’d walk into the background of one of his shows if he asked me to.”

Schur is currently working on television projects like the Emmy Award-winning comedy. tricks on HBO Max and the next field of dreams, while Bell continues his work both on screen and as a voice actor. Co-worker Good place residents William Jackson Harper, Jameela Jamil and Manny Jacinto have joined their former co-star and Frozen Princess Bell under the Disney banner from the end of the show. Both Harper and Jamil have joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe, while Jacinto was recently cast. Star Wars: The Acolyte.

Bell currently stars with Allison Janney and Ben Platt in the Amazon Prime sitcom. The people we hate at the wedding.

Source: Radio Times

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