Korean Genshin Impact Event Briefly Suspended After Terrorist Allegedly Planted A Pipe Bomb



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  • A Korean Genshin Impact event recently became a target of an unsuccessful terrorist attack. The perpetrator planted a pipe bomb at the event and announced his actions in a now-deleted tweet.
  • The terrorist wanted to kill attendees for harboring anti-Chinese sentiments. The Genshin Summer 2023 festival is scheduled to run until 23 at KSPO DOME and Haneul Square in Olympic Park.
  • Police and firefighters were soon dispatched to deal with the trouble, and the event continued outside the building. The recent reports by participants indicate that users were later allowed to reattend the event.
  • It is currently unclear whether the criminal has been caught by the Korean authorities. Admission fees and a part of the booth zone will be refunded for users that missed the festival due to notice today.

A South Korean Genshin Impact festival was targeted by a terrorist that planted a pipe bomb at the event. The perpetrator shared his plans to blow up the event in a now-deleted tweet, causing the event to be suspended briefly. As first reported by the Korean site Globale, the motive fueling the attack had to do with his claim that attendees harbored anti-Chinese sentiments.

The tweet made by the terrorist exposing his plans in the process.
The tweet made by the terrorist exposed his plans in the process. || Image Source: Globale.

The tweet talked about looking forward to the explosion caused by the pipe bomb. He planted the bomb at an unknown location at the venue, and it was supposed to explode at a random set time. A concerned reader likely called the authorities before the attack could take place. It was not long before Police and firefighters arrived to curb the situation at the Genshin Impact festival venue.

The attack was prevented successfully, as per a recent report from Globale. Thankfully, no explosion was reported, but it is unclear whether the culprit was caught by the authorities or if a bomb was really planted. No official announcements have been made yet disclosing the fate of the offender and the alleged pipe bomb. The authorities have also not yet confirmed whether the pipe bomb was really placed in the venue.

The event was suspended for a while, but the overall festival continued outside the building, as per eyewitnesses on the official Genshin Impact subreddit. According to one user, the participants were allowed to reenter the building after the situation was brought under control. Another Reddit user mentioned that people were waiting outside the building to reenter the venue. 

The Genshin Summer 2023 festival is slated to take place until 23 at KSPO DOME and Haneul Square in Olympic Park. The users who missed the event at the entrance today will receive full admission fees and a part of the booth zone refund. Moreover, every participant will be checked thoroughly for the rest of the festival before being let into the building. The Genshin Impact festival planned for 23 will continue as per the set schedule.

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