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King Viserys’ 10 Biggest Mistakes (So Far)

House of the Dragon has develop into an enormous hit since its debut. As an adaptation of a part of George R. R. Martin’s guide Fire And Blood, the prequel sequence focuses on Targaryen historical past. House of the Dragon introduces many thrilling characters into a well-recognized world, together with Viserys I Targaryen.

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King Viserys’ varied choices affect and pave the street in the direction of the Dance of the Dragons civil battle. Played brilliantly by Paddy Considine, Viserys is a likable ruler, however he has made quite a few errors which have outlined his reign as a weak king. These errors embody lapses in judgment or permitting others to additional their very own identify at his expense.

Spoilers forward for House of the Dragon.

10 Viserys Prematurely Threw A Tournament To Celebrate The Birth Of An Unborn Son

The first of King Viserys’ many errors in House of the Dragon got here when he organized the Heir’s Festival. To everybody else, it appeared extremely assured to imagine that his spouse would lastly give start to a child boy, however they did not learn about Viserys’ dragon desires. In these desires, Viserys had seen his son sitting on the Iron Throne, however he wrongly presumed this referred to Aemma’s present being pregnant.

By arranging a grand jousting event prematurely, Viserys regarded like a idiot when catastrophe struck afterward. The event was nonetheless an entertaining spectacle, however as a substitute of welcoming a brand new inheritor, it welcomed a number of fully new issues.

9 Viserys Killed Aemma In The Name Of Having A Son

When Viserys was known as to Aemma’s bedside through the event, he was offered with a selection. Mellos defined that the king may both permit them to kill Aemma to avoid wasting the newborn or do nothing and go away each of their fates to the gods.

Viserys’ obsession with having a son to additional the Targaryen legacy drove him to kill his spouse, an act that may hang-out him for years to come back. When the newborn did not survive the aftermath, all that trauma was for naught. Viserys would preserve his tragic choice a secret till he advised Alicent about it in a drunken state.

8 Viserys Gave Daemon Power By Naming Him Commander Of The City Watch

No matter how lengthy he has left, Viserys will love his household for the remainder of his life. However, his members of the family have a behavior of getting themselves into hassle, which has all the time examined his endurance. Viserys tried his brother Daemon in varied roles on the small council, from grasp of legal guidelines to grasp of coin, however Daemon hated governance and different mundane roles.

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Although Daemon solely needed to be named his brother’s Hand, he was ultimately made the Commander of the City Watch. He thrived on this position. However, the position unlocked Daemon’s vicious aspect. He led a purge of criminals and confirmed no mercy. While this introduced crime down significantly, it brought on tensions within the small council and further grief that Viserys did not need or want.

7 Viserys Pushed Daemon Away And Angered Him

Daemon had needed to be Viserys’ Hand of the King for a very long time, however in addition to being pushed round a number of roles, he was additionally married off to Rhea Royce of the Vale. Daemon felt deserted by his household, which led him to behave out in pure pettiness and misguided spite.

Viserys did not know that Daemon would act like this, as he was unaware that his brother wished to be Hand of the King. He angered Daemon additional by pushing his brother down the road of succession, first with Rhaenyra after which with Aegon. Daemon was unpredictable at the most effective of occasions, however these slights made him harmful to something the king would plan or maintain expensive.

6 Viserys Chose Alicent Hightower Over Laena Velaryon

Under advisement from his Hand on the time, Otto Hightower, Viserys typically rejected solutions and requests from Corlys Velaryon. The Velaryons hardly ever acquired the respect they deserved from the crown anyway, however Otto’s meddling would make the connection even worse.

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With the king mourning the lack of his spouse and son, Otto had his daughter Alicent go to the grieving king and provide him consolation. Viserys was suggested to marry Corlys Velaryon’s daughter Laena, however when the choice time got here, he shocked everyone by naming Alicent as his future spouse. With Alicent giving Viserys a number of youngsters, the Hightowers have a grip on the royal line. They will possible be a nuisance going ahead in House of the Dragon.

5 Viserys Created Tension With The Ancient House Velaryon

Viserys’ choice to marry Alicent furthered the rift between the Targaryens and Velaryons. It began with Viserys being chosen as monarch over Corlys’ spouse Rhaenys and was worsened by not serving to with the conflicts within the Stepstones. Viserys would later should work laborious to restore the connection. Following council from Lyonel Strong, he sought to bridge this hole by marrying Rhaenyra off to Corlys’ son, Laenor.

Due to the disrespect proven to House Velaryon, honor dictated that Viserys needed to journey to Driftmark to make the wedding official. It was a treacherous and rocky journey on the seas that he would not have made had he not furthered tensions with Corlys within the first place.

4 Viserys Feared Breaking The Peace So Refused To Help In The Stepstones

The points within the Stepstones had been much more severe than Corlys Velaryon merely wanting help in defending the seas and coastlines. The battle in opposition to the Triarchy threatened the peace that Viserys prided himself on holding, however he would nonetheless refuse to entertain the notion.

This lack of motion brought on folks to understand Viserys as a weak king. He ultimately supplied to ship assist to the efforts, however this solely angered his brother Daemon. Daemon was prompted to finish the battle shortly earlier than Viserys may take any credit score for himself. An early displaying of energy from the crown may have gone a good distance in altering the notion of Viserys.

3 Naming Rhaenyra Heir Created Unrest And Uncertainty

Viserys’ obsession with having a son drove him to kill Aemma. In his grief, he may by no means see the massive image of remarrying and having extra youngsters, so he lastly sought to reconcile along with his daughter, Rhaenyra. Despite being suggested not to take action, Viserys named her his inheritor. This defied the age-old custom of males ruling Westeros.

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While followers can get behind a family-fueled choice like this, the merciless world of House of the Dragon can not. Naming Rhaenyra as his successor in the end planted the seeds for the Dance of the Dragons, the Targaryen civil battle.

2 Viserys Allowed Rhaenyra To Choose Her Husband

Having named his daughter as his successor, Viserys then struggled to maintain her beneath management. He tried to pressure custom onto Rhaenyra with a compelled marriage, however her feisty character objected. She threatened to make every part even tougher. Despite having a son along with his second spouse Alicent, Viserys selected to double down on supporting his daughter in succeeding him.

As a token of his promise, Viserys granted Rhaenyra go away to decide on her personal husband. He paid for his daughter to go on an extravagant tour the place she acquired a number of proposals at completely different areas. However, Rhaenyra shortly grew tired of the method. Viserys ultimately satisfied her to enter a compelled marriage with Laenor Velaryon anyway, which means time and money had been wasted on the tour.

1 Viserys Allowed Rhaenyra To Influence Big Decisions Before She Was Ready

With Rhaenyra named as Viserys’ inheritor, she shortly started to check the waters by interrupting a small council assembly. Viserys berated her however allowed her to decide on the brand new member of the Kingsguard. She used logic to decide on the one candidate with fight expertise, which was Criston Cole, however his inexperience and lack of a longtime identify would have severe penalties later down the road.

Rhaenyra additionally managed to sway Viserys into firing Otto Hightower as his Hand, a vitally essential choice that Viserys lacked the conviction to do in any other case. He solely went by way of with it when Rhaenyra agreed to marry Laenor Velaryon in return. This was one other showcase of Viserys’ weaknesses as a king.

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