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Karate Kid II’s Opening Scene Was Nearly Filmed for the First Karate Kid

URBAN LEGEND FILM: The parking lot fight between Mr. Miyagi and John Kreese was filmed as the final scene of The Karate Kidbut it was cut from the final film and used instead as the opening scene of Karate Kid Part II.

The opening scene of Karate Kid Part II has always stood out as a bit of a curiosity, as it continues from the end of The Karate Kid, where Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) won the Under 18 All-Valley Karate Championship over Johnny Lawrence (Billy Zapka), despite Johnny’s sensei John Kreese (Martin Kove) trying to eliminate Daniel from the tournament by having one of his other students. hurt Daniel. Once Daniel had won the championship, Johnny congratulated his old enemy as the crowd went wild and the movie ended.

Then at the beginning of Karate Kid Part II, Daniel is happily limping home with his own sensei, Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita) when they see Kreese treat Johnny terribly for placing second, even smashing Johnny’s second-place trophy in a fit of rage. When Kreese begins to choke Johnny and asks “How does it feel to lose now?”, Miyagi is forced to intervene. First, she forces Kreese to let Johnny go, and then, when the two adults face off, Miyagi easily avoids both of Kreese’s attacks, leading to Kreese breaking two car windows. Miyagi then grabs the bloody Kreese and threatens to “finish” him with a killing blow, but instead, he touches Kreese’s nose and walks away from the devastated Kreese, who is now abandoned by his former students, as his spell on them is now lifted. He has broken. after his crazed actions.

It’s a great sequence, but since Kove, Zapka, and the other members of the Cobra Kai Karate team don’t appear again in the film, it’s been led to believe that the scene was filmed for the end of the original. The Karate Kidand then it was cut from that movie, and then it was just used for the opening of the second movie when the first movie was so successful it warranted a sequel.

But did that really fall off?

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As it turned out, the scene in the parking lot WAS part of the original script that Robert Mark Kamen wrote for the original movie. It gives Miyagi a great moment of his own, after Daniel has won the tournament, but at the same time, it’s also a much darker twist on the ending that feels right to what the movie ultimately used, with the crowds raising Daniel on his shoulders as he celebrates his victory.

While Miyagi obviously wouldn’t ultimately hurt Kreese, just touching his nose, the movie would end with Kreese choking Johnny and punching another one of his Cobra Kai students in the face. So while he would have connected things up nicely, it would also have changed the feel of the ending of the movie. Presumably, that’s why the season was ultimately cut from the movie.

But WHEN was it cut from the movie?

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The main reason people think the scene was shot for the first movie is pretty logical, since none of the Cobra Kai or Kreese characters are in the rest of the movie. Karate Kid Part II after the parking lot scene, so it would be a bit unusual for people to sign on to do a sequel and then only appear in a three-minute scene at the beginning of the movie, but it turns out that’s precisely what happened. . The scene was never filmed for the first movie, and everyone got back together to do it in the second movie.

In an interview with Showbiz Cheat SheetLove explained what the training was like for that final fight in the parking lot, only to be abandoned at the last minute:

We all work with Pat Johnson. We all had to work. It was never a prerequisite to know karate for the audition. He trained us a couple of hours a day and he trained me separately and he trained Miyagi and Ralph separately and he trained the kids separately. You have the essence of the attitude, the essence if you had specific fights. You would learn that. I always trained to have that fight in karate kid II because the fight in karate kid II in the parking lot that opens the film was originally a scene written for kid karate me. Everything that happens in karate kid me, the fight in the parking lot and everything. It all ended like this in the original script. Then we waited three hours on the set and I rehearsed the whole scene. I had to rehearse that scene God knows how long. In the end, we waited three hours. [Producer] German [Weintraub] Y [director] John [G. Avildsen] We had this long conversation and they came out and wrapped us up.

Kove also added that one of the shots of him punching the glass window of the car was actually him punching through the glass! He explained, “[T]The effects guy never blew out the window, so I crashed into the window and had shards of glass stuck in my hand. It was a real disaster. Going to the window is the real Martin Kove. Leaving we shot the next day”.

So no, the scene was ultimately never filmed for the first movie, and was only filmed for the sequel.

The legend is…


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