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Kamen Rider Zero-One’s Nemesis Stole His Best Power

The following contains major spoilers for Kamen Rider Zero-One #1, available now from Titan Comics.

The world of Kamen Rider Zero-One has returned courtesy of a new ongoing series from Titan Comics, and in a single issue the stage has already been set for the biggest fight of the titular hero’s life. Aruto Hiden may have faced more villainous androids and super-powered horsemen than his fair share, but everything he’s faced pales in comparison to the threat of Ragnarok. Aruto’s new nemesis is not only as powerful as he is, but has claimed all of Kamen Rider Zero-One’s best abilities for himself.

Kamen Rider Zero-One #1 (by Brandon Easton, Hendry Prasetya, Bryan Valenza, and Deron Bennett) finds Aruto in the middle of an investigative interview with agents from AIMS, the Military Artificial Intelligence Service. While AIMS’s job is to keep the public safe from the threat of Humagear androids that have been corrupted and turned into violent monstrosities, they’re not exactly interested in the idea of ​​a rogue CEO acting on his own as a Super Hero. Of course, the amount of damage Aruto has dealt in his time as Kamen Rider Zero-One is nothing compared to what would be done if his enemies were left unchecked, which could be the case with the last of them. . As the menacing Ragnarok makes its explosive introduction, Aruto rushes through his various abilities in hopes of finding a weakness, but all he manages to do is make his latest foe infinitely stronger than anyone could have expected.

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Ragnarok has all the powers of Kamen Rider Zero-One

in the world of Kamen Rider Zero-One, the titular hero draws on his powers from the Hiden Intelligence Zea satellite in orbit. In addition to housing Aruto’s main Kamen Rider Zero-One suit, which he has access to through the use of his Zero-One controller, the Zea Satellite also houses various unique upgrades and abilities that are unlocked through different Progrisekeys. Throughout his battle with Ragnarok, Aruto cycles through multiple Progrisekey powers in an attempt to find something to prevent his opponent’s merciless attack. Eventually, Aruto is able to do just that after multiple failed attempts, but in the end all he manages to do is make the villain even stronger when Ragnarok steals Aruto’s Progrisekeys and all the power they hold.

It’s not particularly surprising that Ragnarok is able to steal one of Aruto’s Progrisekeys in the heat of battle. What stands out as hugely impactful, however, is the fact that Ragnarok is effortlessly imbued with the power associated with it. In a way, Ragnarok has formed its own link to the Hiden Intelligence Zea Satellite beyond simply having its own controller to scan Progrisekey with. Considering what a technical marvel the Zea Satellite is, not to mention that it was created under the auspices of Aruto’s own company, the fact that Ragnarok can use it himself is unsettling for multiple reasons.

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The role of Ragnarok with the Zea satellite impacts Kamen

kamen rider zero-one ragnarok

There are several obvious reasons why Ragnarok can hack into the Zea satellite with such ease, and all of them are bad for Aruto and his allies. Either Ragnarok is simply so much better than the heroes he’s up against, or he has some innate connection to the very technology that gives Aruto his powers. The former would certainly put Kamen Rider Zero-One at a greater disadvantage than he already is, but the latter could rewrite everything Aruto knows about his powers and his past.

The only reason Aruto was given the mantle of Kamen Rider Zero-One was because his parents and grandfather passed away, leaving him in charge of Hiden Intelligence as its woefully inept president on top of figuring out how to be a superhero. If it wasn’t for the overtly comedic nature of him, Aruto probably wouldn’t have lasted as long in either of those positions. Unfortunately, maintaining an upbeat sense of humor in times of crisis is only good for fighting battles of morality, while Ragnarok is only interested in offering Kamen Rider Zero-One a battle with far more deadly consequences.

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