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Juan It has over a hundred collectible items that players can find and discover throughout the Tower. Each collectible offers a glimpse into the lives of the people who lived during the rise and ebb of the tides before one day the rains mysteriously stopped.

Read on as we share all the guides we’ve created that will help you find each and every collectible in Juan.

There are 6 different types of collectibles in Juan. There are registered collectibles such as Letters, Bianca’s diary entriesand the fresh, and all the progress of your collection can be tracked through the menu. There are also collectibles that are not tracked but only need to be interacted with at least once to count, such as the cairns, shellsand altars.

All of these collectibles can be lost in a single run; However, it is recommended to complete the game first if some collectibles have been missed, as players can select a particular chapter to replay. Completing each type of collectible will unlock specific achievements.

There is a total of 4 altars to interact with, one in each chapter, starting in Chapter 2. Finding at least one altar will unlock the Back in Motion Achievementwhile finding all the altars will unlock the Cycle celebration achievement..

There is a total of 13 Bianca’s diaries which will be found throughout the game. They are often found on tables illuminated by lamps or lights. Collected journal entries can be reviewed by going to the Pause Menu > Letters > Bianca tab. Reading all of Bianca’s diary entries will unlock the Final promotion achievement.

There is a total of 20 cairns which will be found throughout the game. They are a little difficult to spot from a distance, but a marker appears above them once the child approaches them. Discovering a cairn will unlock the Achievement of the first stoneAs you discover all the cairns you will unlock the Achieving common ground.

There is to total of 12 frescoes will be discovered throughout the game, starting in Chapter 2. These frescoes are often found in huge rooms or chambers, and to activate them, the child must approach one and emit an echo. An activated cool will glow blue. Activating a single cool will unlock the Achievement Echo of the pastwhile activating all the frescoes will unlock the Antique Gallery Manager Achievement.

There is a total of 12 shells which will be collected throughout the game. These shells are often found in places of importance to ancient inhabitants, such as places of work or leisure. Finding a shell will unlock the Achievement An Ear to the Pastwhile finding all the shells will unlock the Sound Archaeologist Achievement.

There is a total of 44 letters which will be found throughout the game. You can find these cards lying on the floor, propped up on a desk, or occasionally displayed on a wall, usually in or around the Tower’s deserted settlements. You can access all collected Cards by navigating to Pause Menu > Cards.

Reading the first letter you find will unlock the First contact achievementwhile you read all the letters the Avid Reader Achievement.

That covers all the collectibles you can find in Juan. If you are looking for a detailed walkthrough on each chapter of the game, you can check out our guides listed below.

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