Jusant Walkthrough Chapter 5: Mirage


Mirage It is the fifth chapter of Juan. The boy has now reached the windy tower cliffs, where the gusts are strong enough to sweep away anyone and anything that isn’t attached to something. Read on as we guide you through the events of Mirage in Juan and share the locations of all collectibles in the chapter to help you obtain all the trophies in the game.

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From the beginning of the chapter, you will notice that there are large gusts of wind blowing on the side of the rocks. The wind will affect your movements and you will have to be careful with its direction and the rhythm of your movements.

On your first climb, you will see windsocks on the wall that will help you determine the direction of the wind. The wind picks up at intervals, and in this case, time your jump when the wind is blowing up so you can reach the rocks above. Do the same whenever you need to jump sideways in case you need a boost or just avoid getting hampered by the wind.

Continue climbing until you reach the two windmills that are close to each other. Get to the top of the second windmill above and sound an echo to wake up the vines at the top. Climb the rock on the side and wait for the wind to die down before double jumping towards the vine. Then, move to the right side and get on the ladder.

You will reach another settlement. Go inside and look inside the jar to find Shell #10.

Further ahead on the right is where Cairn #19 It can be found.

Further ahead, next to the lamp, is Bianca’s Diary #11.

Inside the front room is Fresh #10.

Go back out and go down to the light bulbs on the wall you passed earlier, then reach the relay. Drop down and turn to the left side of the windmill, go to the left side and place a piton, then turn to the other settlement on the left.

This settlement is where you will find Shell #11.

Return using the hanging anchor, then connect it to the relay. Wait for the wind to blow and then jump to the rope. Climb the light bulbs until you reach the next relay.

In the next part, the winds are getting stronger, preventing you from going any further. Use the side wheels as a windshield and time your climb once they block the wind.

Once you reach the top, enter the path towards the rocks and look to the left to find Letter #43 posted next to the door.

Continue down the stairs ahead and you will reach Fresh #11.

Retrace your steps into the open space and then take the narrow ledge. Then go to the house and get Letter #44 inside the box. If you have managed to collect all the cards at this time, you will receive the Avid Reader Achievement.

Continue through the crack in the wall and climb to the top; You will have to time your crossing as there are strong winds and very strong winds on this wall.

Finally, you will reach a cave. Go in and go through the small gap at the other end.

Once you reach the next room, look for the hole on the left side. Hook your rope and descend into the hole to find Bianca’s Diary #12.

Look for the crack in the wall and follow the path to get there. Fresh #12. If you have activated all the frescoes at this point, you will receive the Antique Gallery Manager Achievement.

Return to the hole and head to the store to find Bianca’s Diary #13. If you have collected all the journals at this point, you will receive the Final promotion achievement.

Head towards the cave opening and turn left to find a hanging anchor. Work your way up the next section of climbing until you reach the first relay under a windsock.

From this relay, rappel down and you’ll see an opening in the side of the wall below, which also has a vine. Turn towards this opening, then enter to find Shell #12 and Altar #4. If you have found all the shells and altars at this point, you will receive the Sound Archaeologist Achievement and the Cycle celebration achievement.respectively.

Climb back up using the vine and then continue climbing from the relay. The climb to the crack will be long and the strong gusts will prevent you from climbing, in addition to using up both your stamina and your maximum stamina. Make sure to place pitons along the path and rest from time to time.

Once you reach the top, turn left and then turn left again to find Cairn #20. If you have found all the cairns at this point, you will receive the Achieving common ground.

Head towards the huge structure and then interact with it to trigger the next cutscene. The child will then activate the structure, which will attract the attention of an adult ballast. The ballast approaches and offers the child a ride on its fin, on which the child jumps.

You will then regain control as you help the child onto the back of the ballast as it flies. Climb the rope and then climb onto the back of the ballast until you reach its head.

Another scene will play showing the ballast flying to the top of the tower, showing an icy crater and a structure in the middle. The boy falls into the snow carrying his companion, weakened by the cold.

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