Jusant Walkthrough Chapter 4: Convergence


Convergence is the fourth chapter of Jusant. The kid makes their way deep into the rock where some of the first civilization found shelter when the rains stopped pouring. Read ahead as we walk you through the events of Convergence in Jusant and share the locations of all the chapter’s collectibles to assist you in obtaining all the trophies in the game.

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Follow the path up the stairs until you reach a chamber with two paths. Swing towards the path to the left first to find Letter #28 on the shelves.

Next, head back to the chamber and swing towards the platform where the bird is to proceed.

Next, you’ll arrive at a large room. Scale the wall on the left, then as you hang to the next ledge, sound an echo to make the yellow sparks come to you. Once you’re surrounded with sparks, jumping will make them lift you up higher, allowing you to reach the ledge up high.

Once you reach the upper platform, turn the wheel to open the gate below. Descend down and go through the gate to get to the next area.

You’ll arrive at a canal. Go straight and take the first ladder to the left. Then, cross the plank bridge to get into a room where you’ll find Cairn #14.

Go to back into the canal and take the ladder on the other side. You’ll find yourself in another fork. Take the path on the right first and you will see Shell #7 by the door of the fabric shop.

Across the shop are some sparks. Call them and then jump up the wall to reach the stones above. Climb up then lower the bridge and cross it. You’ll find Letter #29 up ahead.

Jump back down to the alley below and go to the very end of it to find Bianca’s Journal #9.

At the end of the alley, take the pink path on the side and follow it to the end where you will find Fresco #7.

Go back to the alley and take the sparks back up again. Go to the other side overlooking the room from the previous fork, and then release the hanging anchor for a shortcut.

Look for the wall with the sparks near the previous path and use the sparks to get up the ledge. In the next room, climb the ladder to the top and you’ll see Letter #30 by the wall ahead.

Go back down and open the door below to get another path that leads back to the previous room. Hang on to the higher anchor, and then swing to the wall with the sparks. Sound off an echo to call them, then hang on to the rocks before jumping up to the next ledge.

Go past the burger shop and into the next large room.

Make your way to the orange lit wall where there are rocks that you can grab, then climb up until you reach the platform. Lower the bridge and then cross to the other side where you will find Bianca’s Journal #10.

You will also find Letter #31 near the door on the side.

Go back to the bridge and climb the rockface on the right. Then latch on to the anchor up ahead and swing towards the opposite wall where the sparks are.

Hang on to the rocks and call the sparks. Then, jump up and sound an echo again to make a vine grow above.

From here, take a detour to the left and cross the wall bulb to get to a small cave where you can find Letter #32.

Go back to the vine and follow it to the right to reach the platforms. Then use the wall bulbs to reach the next opening where another anchor can be released.

Continue moving up the path until you arrive at the tall shaft. Use the rocks on the corners to climb up and you’ll eventually reach a relay where you can rest.

You’ll reach the top section where you will see an orange path on the left and a blue path up top.

Follow the blue path for now and you’ll find Letter #33 just on the wall past the wheel.

Then, open the wheel and you’ll get to the orange path from earlier. Head into the next room and you’ll arrive at the Fresco #8.

From the fresco, go to the open area and follow the platform to reach the zip line. Zip down to the other side, then ride the elevator up top.

Once you reach the next room, turn left to find Cairn #15.

Climb up the ladder and take the path on the right. Then, hop over to the right side to find Letter #34 on the wall.

Approach the boat below where you will find Shell #8.

Go back to the previous ladder and climb up it again. This time, go to the left and follow the path up the stairs until you arrive at the community canteen.

Go to the right side by the counter to find Letter #35.

Make you way up the stairs and go to the lit store to the left to find Letter #36.

Then, climb the ladder up to the platform and climb the wall bulb. Proceed to crawl to the right side until you reach the next platform.

Look high up to see the anchor and then latch on to it. Swing towards the left side and land on the platform where you can find Letter #37 on the table.

Use the anchor again to swing towards the rock wall on the opposite side. Then, grow the plants and follow the vine to the right side up until you are directly above the beam below. Let go and you’ll find the Cairn #16 in the alcove up ahead.

Cross the beam bridge over to the other side, then turn left and climb the ladder. Go around the first house that you pass to find Letter #38.

Go to the end of the path and you’ll find a wall bulb that you can climb. Make your way up the long climb where there will be sparks and critters to help along the way. Once you make it to the top, cross the narrow ledge to get to the other side.

Attach to the nearby anchor and then rappel down the ledge until you reach another ledge with a cave. Go inside and you’ll find Altar #3. Go back out and grow the vine to make your way back up.

Back on the upper ledge, take the next path and then immediately turn left from the corridor to find Cairn #17.

Cross the next bridge to arrive at another tall shaft. Climb the shaft all the way to the top and make sure to use your pitons along the way. Eventually, you’ll reach a small ledge with a small gap to squeeze through.

Once you get past the gap, you’ll arrive at the huge cavern with jellyfishes. Turn right and follow the path to arrive at Fresco #9.

Go back to the main path and take the other way. Climb across the rock face, then rappel and swing towards the next platform with the ladder. Climb up the ladder and then swing towards the other rockface on the far end of the cavern.

Crawl to the next platform and you’ll find Letter #39.

Take the zipline, and then once you land, look to the left to find Letter #40.

Latch on to the anchor, climb up the rope and then swing to the ladder. Continue upwards and ride the critters as they spiral around the rock.

Once you reach the platform, lower the bridge up ahead and cross it. On the next platform, you’ll find Letter #41 on the wall.

Swing on to the next anchor and lower yourself enough so that you can reach the rockface that’s some distance away from where you are. Then, walk across the platform and get to the other platform to find Shell #9.

On the small platform on the edge is where you can find Letter #42.

Go up the ramp and take the zip line down to the next area, then take the elevator up. Follow the path until you reach the next elevator.

Once you reach the top of the elevator, look behind to see a hanging anchor. Swing with this anchor to reach the other ledge and find Cairn #18.

Go back to the main path and climb the bulbs. You’ll need to hang on to the edge of the rockface and swing to reach and wake up the vine on the other side.

Once you reach the top, interact with the receptacle to start another cutscene. The doors inside the chamber will then open up and sparks will fill the air. The sparks will then carry the kid up to the hole on the ceiling and the kid will arrive at the next region of the tower.


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