Juant: complete guide and tutorial


Juan is a relaxing climbing and exploration game that follows a boy’s journey as he ascends an incredibly large rock structure known as the Tower. This tower was often submerged in different levels of water, and yet it was once home to people who learned to live during high and low tides. However, the rain suddenly stopped, leading to the titular event that caused everything to dry out.

Read on as we share all the guides we’ve created on how to clear each chapter in Juan.

All Jusant step-by-step guides

There is a total of six chapters in Juan. Each of our walkthroughs lists all the collectibles and trophies that can be obtained along the way. They also include some tips on how to overcome certain sections of climbs and obstacles.

The first chapter introduces the unnamed protagonist known only as the boy, and his mysterious companion, who is later revealed to be a baby burden. The chapter also serves as a tutorial on how climbing mechanics and equipment work.

After activating the first tower and completing the first step of revitalizing the terrain, the child prepares to climb to the next station. Now awake, the baby ballast serves as a companion that can help reveal new paths by emitting echoes that awaken dormant plants that provide a foothold for climbing.

The boy reaches the section of the Tower that receives intense sunlight almost all day long. This adds another challenge, as the child now has to climb faster and more efficiently while managing his resistance along the way.

After activating the huge wheel structure, the boy gets a respite from the sun and now has to continue his climb inside the Tower’s caves. The climb through the cave systems is much more challenging, but apparently the man-made structures within them suggest that previous inhabitants managed to thrive despite this.

With the help of the awakened sparks, the boy managed to reach higher, to the windy parts of the Tower. The treacherous gusts of wind add another layer of difficulty to the climb, as one wrong move could greatly delay the child’s progress.

After activating the large fan at the end of the explored path, one of the last surviving ballasts appeared and offered the boy a ride to the top of the Tower. The peak is a desolate, frozen landscape with hundreds of frozen ballast around it. The boy now has to complete his journey to the top of the monument and must act quickly as his companion is slowly losing strength due to the cold environment.


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