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Jason David Frank Was Best in Power Rangers: Dino Thunder

Forest ranger is best defined by actor Jason David Frank and his iconic character Tommy Oliver. While Frank has sadly passed away, his spirit will live on through all that he contributed to the franchise. Most viewers closely associate Frank with his original. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers run that featured Tommy as the Green Ranger, but for some of his best moments, audiences need to look beyond those early years.

Power Rangers: Dino Thunder it was the 12th season of the venerable series and it brought Frank back as Tommy in a major role. The season was a celebration of the franchise’s legacy and, looking back on its history, brought Tommy’s character full circle in a way that fans loved. this is why thunder dino is the best example of Jason David Frank Forest ranger tenure.

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What was Power Rangers: Dino Thunder about?

the premise of Power Rangers: Dino Thunder it involved Mesogog, a reptilian enemy who wanted to restore Earth to the age of the dinosaurs. Opposing him was a new team of Power Rangers, and his mentor was none other than Dr. Tommy Oliver, who had moved to the fictional town of Reefside and taken up paleontology. Early in the series, Tommy becomes a Ranger again, eschewing his previous colors of green, white, and red for black.

As the story progressed, the Rangers learned of Tommy’s history with previous Power Ranger teams. They also joined the characters from Power Rangers: Ninja Storm in the two-part event “Thunderstorm”. That story exemplified what he did thunder dino one of the best Forest ranger versions and illustrated why the season was notable for both Jason David Frank and his character.

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Dino Thunder honored the legacy of Power Rangers and Tommy Oliver

Power Rangers: Dino ThunderThe It Happened After crossover ninja storm had not presented such events. When combined with some of the season’s plot elements, that disconnect made some suspect the ninja-based season was a total reboot. Bringing Jason David Frank back was a surefire way for the producers to dispel that rumor and hook up. thunder dino to the franchise. Frank’s presence as Tommy allowed the season to reflect on the past as it progressed.

Tommy was not the same guy who had last appeared regularly on turbo power ranger. The first few seasons had him doing random things related to the topic of the specific episode, like when he had a sudden interest in cars during Turbo. His focus on paleontology in dino thunderr showed that he had finally decided on a career, giving way to an older and wiser Tommy Oliver. This allowed him to become the team’s mentor, his equivalent to the tragic but beloved Zordon. The fact that Tommy was used as a spiritual successor to Zordon while also becoming a “special” Ranger once again showed how far he had come, allowing Frank to explore different parts of the character.

The season as a whole was something of a throwback, with the dinosaur theme remaining the same as the original. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Even the character archetypes were similar; the Red Ranger was depicted as a jock with a T-Rex Zord and the Blue Ranger was a nerd with a Triceratops Zord. Those past elements did thunder dino feels like the final chapter of Tommy Oliver’s character arc and led to Jason David Frank’s biggest work on his Forest ranger career.

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