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Jason David Frank Played the Valiant Comics Hero, Bloodshot

Jason David Frank was received with tenacious love by his fans for his multiple roles in the Forest ranger franchise. His dedication to the property is renowned and he approached his characters with an energy and fervor that transcended the screen. Nearly three decades since his debut as the Green Ranger, his work on the character still resonates, even among casual fans.

However, Frank Forest ranger The role was not his only standout performance. In 2018, he played Bloodshot from Valiant Comics in the film. Ninjak vs. Brave Universe. As the first actor to play Bloodshot in live action, Frank was able to tap into the essence of the character as if he had stepped straight from the page to the screen.

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Valiant Comics’ Bloodshot is a nuanced character

Making his first full appearance in the pages of RAI #0 from Valiant Comics (by Bob Layton, Jim Shooter and David Lapham), Bloodshot was a super-soldier created by the government agency Project Rising Spirit. Bloodshot has nanite-infused blood that grants him extraordinary powers and the ability to regenerate tissue, recovering from normally fatal injuries. Plus, he’s almost never without an arsenal of firearms, blades, and tactical gear. However, despite his gruff and often grizzled exterior due to the combat he sees, Bloodshot is also often regarded as the heart of the Valiant Universe.

Even though Bloodshot’s stories are arguably the most visceral and violent of the publisher’s lineup, the character has also been at the center of some of Valiant’s most heartbreaking and moving crossover events. This includes the brave (by Jeff Lamire, Matt Kindt and Paolo Rivera) where he risks his life to ensure the safety of a girl destined to protect the Earth. Bloodshot has also led several volumes of his own title, many of which were often seen in the hands of Jason David Frank on the set of Ninjak VS The Valiant Universe. Although he was unfamiliar with the character going into production, Frank quickly became a fan and quickly absorbed as many comics as he could.

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Jason David Frank was perfect for Bloodshot

Bloodshot in Ninjak VS the Valiant Universe

As one of the largest shared universes in comics, Valiant has a huge library of characters, many of whom appeared in Ninjak VS The Valiant Universe. The film was made by Bat In The Sun Productions and produced by Dinesh Shamdasani (CEO/CCO of Valiant Entertainment at the time), and between the two of them they couldn’t have done a better job casting the role of Bloodshot opposite Jason David Frank. . Although his role was relinquished to a minor character in the film, that didn’t stop Frank from committing to hours of makeup, a comic-accurate haircut, and arduous hours of filming fast-paced action scenes. The payoff was a fun, hard-hitting, and inspired portrayal of a character from decades ago that many Valiant fans thought they’d never see on screen.

Inspired by the source material, Frank vowed to do the character justice by being the first to put his stamp on live-action Bloodshot. He used his background in mixed martial arts to bring an authenticity to Bloodshot that is often missing from most Hollywood superheroes. The fight scenes of him with co-star Michael Rowe as the titular Ninjak were exciting but painful to watch as they both embodied the characters. Ultimately, Bloodshot is a lesser-known character in the world of comics. What Frank did, however, was not only bring the super soldier to life with dedication and studied precision, he also unveiled one of comics’ hidden gems and gave Valiant fans a gift that won’t soon be forgotten. .

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