It turns out that if you’re charismatic enough, you can skip Major Baldur’s Gate 3 bosses.


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  • A Baldur’s Gate 3 player has revealed how you can skip most Act 2 boss fights with high Charisma.
  • Many encounters in the game can be avoided by players who succeed on the persuasion skill check.

For most people playing Baldur’s Gate 3, unsheathing your sword at the first sign of danger might be the best option, but one fan has a completely different perspective. Legomaniac89 recently revealed on Reddit How they were able to avoid fighting multiple bosses in the game, just by being outnumbered Persuasive skills on their character.

The player mentioned in his post that in his current playthrough, he is playing as a Lore Bard. Bards are naturally awesome. For showing a way out of difficult situations. This is thanks to their great stats in Persuasion. While you might think their smooth talk would only come in handy when dealing with low-level creatures and mobs, it turns out that it’s quite useful at all stages of the game.

A player character in Baldur’s Gate 3, Thesobald Thrum, begins the encounter.

Legomaniac89 said that in Act 2 alone, they were convincing. Tool collector The boss didn’t need any tools. It avoids combat entirely, as she’s instantly dead when you’ve convinced her enough. It is near. Thesobald Thorem, another boss that can trouble some players. However, for this particular fan, that too was a piece of cake. This is because Thesobald took only a little persuasion before committing himself to death.

In general, the game has to achieve these results Very difficult, as you need to pass several convincing checks one after the other. Players often fail during this time, start fighting, or resort to save-coming. But in Legomaniac89’s case, they honed their persuasive skills enough to avoid the competition altogether.

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The fan also goes on to say that the fight against doctors and surgeons in the second act A home of healing can also be avoided. You just need to convince the doctor to perform brain surgery on you. This is one of the toughest fights in Act 2, but frankly, if your Tav is a smooth talker, they can get away without a scratch.

Players added their experiences with the game’s open-ended approach to battles. According to one player, you can also skip Yurgir, the evil boss fight in Gauntlet.. Likewise, Act 2’s final boss, Catharic Thorm, can be simplified. If you pass the persuasion check.. It’s clear that Baldur’s Gate 3 rewards players who opt for more charisma and illusion-based builds than other RPGs.

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