Is the Hooverus slowly killing Honkai: Star Trek?



Honkai Star Rail has been out for Almost half a year nowBut when you look at the amount of story material in that period, it amazes you. Hoyvores No one is trying.

I’m sure we can all agree that the game is. Gradually starts losing its luster. With every new update that hits the market. Take the latest for example. Everyone had high hopes for the new one. 1.3 UpdateEspecially after waiting over a month and a half for it to come out.

But when it finally arrived, guess what it brought to the table? Barely an hour of new main story content, and a whole load of nothing. To say the update was as dead as Tingyon would be an understatement.

Sorry, not sorry.

Let me put it this way, imagine you are waiting for your meal in a five star restaurant. You see the waiter walking towards you, and guess what? You are excited. You are finally going to get the food you have been eagerly waiting for.

The waiter places the tray on your table and lifts the lid, and voila! A perfectly cooked meal that you finish in 3 bites.. Sounds disappointing doesn’t it? Because it is. at last The story content was not bad.just there It wasn’t enough Justifying the one and a half month wait.

Let’s just hope the new funeral story wasn’t the Hoyverse’s method. Predicting the death of Star Rail Either, because it would be a bit too Is it on the nose?


Hoovers is behaving much better than their other games.

The Hoover’s Cash Cow, The Genshin effectlaunched its 4.0 by introducing a brand new terrain focusing on the element of hydro, Fontaine. But the latest update not only added the entire country to the game, but also made a huge addition. 8 hours of story contentand that’s not even included. 20 different worlds to explore Which you can do by adding new domains.

It’s like comparing an ocean to an ocean, which is ironic since it’s 4.0’s biggest feature, and the main reason for its 10GB update size. New underwater featureallows players to dive into Fontaine’s rivers without fear of drowning thanks to the blessing of the Hydrourchin.

Yes, you heard me right. No longer will you just be looking for Hydroloki above ground, you’ll have to dive deep into enemy territory to find them.

Underwater gameplay from Genshin Impact
Underwater gameplay from Genshin Impact

Comparing Star Rail to Genshin’s early updates, it’s still underwhelming.

For example, Genshin’s 1.3 update didn’t just introduce a new character; Denzelifand furthering the main story, it was too. Character exploration for both Xiao and Hu Taonot to mention Lantern Ritual Ceremonywhich introduced interesting gameplay mechanics.

On the other hand, StarRail’s 1.3 update only featured Tangyun’s last riteswhich many players felt could have been part of the 1.2 update, and relied heavily on character quests, of which there were four. (Dan Hang, March 7, Luca, and links)and while they were enjoyable, they cannot replace a rich narrative experience.

Honestly, at this point, I feel like if Hoyoverse shows that the funeral was just for Tangyun’s death, trust me when I say. The crowd and the pitchforks will be waiting..

Each story update that Genshin introduced gave players something new, even if it was sometimes confusing or not fully realized. Everything still had a purpose. Advancing the plot.

The first Lantern Rite showed Leo’s transition from relying on the Geoarchon. It showed Xiao and Ganyu’s feelings about living on the outskirts of human society, and how they were overcoming their differences through the festival.

It was more than just an episode. It was a rich and fascinating experience..

Lantern Rite Event Official Art
Lantern Rite Event Official Art

Every story in the worlds of Star Trek lacks an ending.

The story isn’t just short; It feels incomplete. Each update adds a new story leaving the previous one incomplete.

Jarilo-VI is still struggling with fragmentum and environmental issues. The Antimatter Legion continues to haunt the Herta space station. Blade and Kafka bully Dan Hang and give him a new dragon form.

While all of this could still be considered “new content,” there is still more. A sense of unfinished businessand practically is No sense of urgency Despite all the construction.

Ambrosial Arbor makes a comeback, but most Xianzhou Luofu NPCs don’t even care. Also, we didn’t get to deal with Stelron or chop down a tree.

Could it be that the Hoyoverse is showing us all this? Check back in the future? One can only hope that is the case.

Another downside is the lack of an open world.

In Genshin, when you ran out of story material, you still had options. Take your character off-road.

You can explore new areas, climb mountains, or dive into Fontaine’s seas and hunt down every sting ray you see as Steve Irwin’s revenge. Open world provided. A sense of freedom and exploration That Star Rail is simply lacking. It is a story-driven game that severely limits the player’s freedom.

Unlike Genshin, you can’t climb over people’s houses in Star Rail or throw enemies into the ocean and watch them drown trying to get to you. Once you’re done with all your fancy Simulated Universe or Forgotten Hall challenges and run out of trailblaze power, there’s not much else to do in the game.

This Lack of engagement The content makes each update feel like a short burst of “fun” before returning to the same old tired routine.

In Mina, Genshin also has a full one. Sims rip-off game mod Where you can build your dream mansion with your fellow friends. Meanwhile, Star Rail Doesn’t even let you jump the fence Playing as a character who is practically demi-god.

Honkai: Star Rail Open World
Honkai: Star Rail Open World

But at the end of the day, it’s not all bad

Let’s play. Satan’s disciple An edge here that Star Rail has is the sister franchise. This is a gameplay oriented game.and it emphasizes the actual fight over the dialogue setting.

This means you spend a lot more time punching guys in the face than running from point A to point B or talking to your mates.

In contrast, Genshin’s extensive story update Often consists of long cutscenes with minimal combat.. In fact, most of this new 8 hour long story was spent clicking. Unskippable dialogues and cutscenesand a few combat parts that you usually get to see Only low-level enemies were included. Who barely put up a fight.

Even in the story The protagonist of the main film is often withdrawn. To reveal Fontaine’s new characters. I mean, seriously, even Child had more on-screen action than Traveler.

It is clear that Star Reel is a more complex game than Genshin., is evident in the quality of animation and voice acting. The effort put into these aspects may explain why content takes longer to produce than Genshin.

What can be done to fix this?

Right now the real problem is just that. Lack of playable content. If Hoyoverse is expected. Keep your fans engaged Then they’ll need to step up their game, literally, and deliver what players want.

Even if they need time to work on story content, they can still make up for the wait. Creating time-specific limited events to buy yourself something. This won’t be a stretch as it’s not something Hooverus is a stranger to.

Working on the 4.0 update, Genshin Impact released an entirely new area called “Bottleland” which gave more lore to the characters in the game as well as added playable content and hours of exploration.

It’s like the Hoyoverse Perfect template To be inspired and put by Star Rail, yet they simply refuse, which I, As a fan of both sportsfailed to understand.

Looking ahead though, I can only hope that Star Rail Streamlines its content delivery. With its future updates. I mean keep in mind The game has only been out for 5 months nowwhile Genshin has one Beginning of 3 years On that, so I’m going to take it a little slow for now.

Moving on to the 2.0 update, if the main story remains as it is, I have no doubt in my mind that Players are starting to jump ship.It would be a shame to take Star Rail for real. A great and interesting story That I want to see more.

That, and pom poms.

ELoves many pom poms.

Pom Pom
Pom Pom

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