Is Spider-Man 2 on PS4, PC, Xbox?


I’ve seen a couple of games from this generation released exclusively on PS5, but a few months later, a PS4 version of that same game was announced. With Insomniac Games’ huge success with Spider-Man on PS4 and the release of Spider-Man Miles Morales on PS4 alongside a PS5 version when it came out in 2020, Will Spider-Man 2 be released on PS4, Xbox and PC?? Or will Spider-Man 2 be purely PS5 exclusive?

Is Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 on PS4, PC, Xbox?

The big answer is no, Spider-Man 2 is not on PS4, PC and Xbox Series X|S. Games for insomniacs officially confirmed that Spider-Man 2 is made exclusively for PS5. Insomniac stated that the game will take advantage of the “capabilities of the PS5 console’s SSD” and that it is “only possible on a PlayStation 5 console.”

The PS4, while still a decent device today, doesn’t have the hardware to meet the demand for Spider-Man 2. What’s more explained in the PlayStation blog post which highlights features that only the PS5 can offer, such as 3D soundhe DualSense haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, improved textures, Turning onand further. Since the game is developed by PlayStation’s own studio, Spider-Man 2 will never come to the Xbox platform.

However, a The PC version of Spider-Man 2 is possible in the near future, as we’ve seen Spider-Man Remastered, Miles Morales, and even Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart released on PC. There’s a good chance that Nixxes, the same studio that brought the previous games to PC, will port it.

Don’t get your hopes up if you’re waiting for Spider-Man 2 on PS4 and Xbox Series X|S. I highly recommend purchasing a PS5 if you want to play Spider-Man 2 or wait for Sony to officially announce the PC version of the game in the future.


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