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Is Lin worth pulling for in Tower of Fantasy?

Lin is a simulacrum introduced in the Tower of Fantasy update 2.1. Wielding his sword in a fan shape, he can be a valuable addition to any team composition in a player’s arsenal. However, to unlock Lin’s full potential, you’ll need to advance her by acquiring multiple copies of her weapon. This raises the question: is it worth the investment? In this guide, we will tell you if you should prioritize obtaining Lin in Tower of Fantasy.

Should you get Lin in Tower of Fantasy?

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Lin is essentially a damage support drill. She wields the Shadoweave, a fan-shaped weapon that can deal tons of CC damage, as well as enhance the damage dealt by other weapons. She is the first simulacrum with altered damage elemental resonance. Pairing Shadoweave with two other weapons of the same Elemental Resonance will grant different benefits depending on the weapons paired. Therefore, Lin is an obvious choice for any team composition focused on maxing out damage.

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Lin’s Advance Skills in Tower of Fantasy

Lin is great at maximizing total damage output and can significantly improve the damage stats of other weapons. In addition, the progress of Lin’s breakthrough skills will grant additional effects. Players will need to take out multiple banners and obtain Lin multiple times to unlock her Advance Skills. The following are all of Lin’s breakthrough abilities in Tower of Fantasy:

  • 1 star: Normal attacks deal AoE damage. When an epiphyllum is trapped within an epiphyllum blast radius, the damage of all subsequent epiphyllum blasts is increased by 10%, up to a maximum of 50%.
  • 2 stars: Increases the base attack growth of the current weapon by 16%.
  • 3 star: Moonlight Realm Epiphyllum spawn reduced to 0.3 seconds. Epiphyllums now stick to enemies. Moonlight Realm’s duration is increased to 20 seconds.
  • 4 stars: Increases the base Attack growth of the current weapon by 32%.
  • 5 stars: When under Moonlight Realm AoE, gain 30 weapon charges every second and increase discharge skill damage by 15%.
  • 6 stars: Switch modes in Moonlight Realm up to two times. Get one try after the ability cooldown and another try charging the discharge ability. Using any weapon discharge three times to gain +1 second Moonlight Realm duration (effective when Shadoweave is in left hand slot). Also, when under the effect of Moonlight Realm, increase attack to 23%.

Lin’s Awakening Traits:

  • 1200 awakening points: Epihylum flower
    • Increases epiphyllum blast damage by 15%.
  • 4000 awakening points: Epiphile Glamor
    • Increases epiphyllum blast damage by 20%. Reduces all resistance by 7% when dealing damage with an epiphyllum (the effect does not stack).

How to get Lin in Tower of Fantasy

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Players have a chance to obtain Lin from the Mirror’s Shadow Limited Order Banner. This poster can be found in the Special orders page, and can be purchased in exchange for Red Core. During this limited event, players have a 2% chance to drop an SSR weapon, with a 50% chance that the SSR weapon will be Lin’s Shadowteave.

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