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Is CP0 a Genuine Threat to the Straw Hat Pirates?

The following contains spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1067 “Punk Records” by Eiichiro Oda, Stephen Paul, and Vanessa Satone, available in English on Viz Media.

The main antagonists of one piece Egghead Arc seems to have been established. CP0 heads to the future Egghead Island to assassinate the Straw Hat Pirates’ new friend, Dr. Vegapunk. However, not many fans are concerned about this.

The consensus is that CP0 should not be able to challenge the Straw Hat Pirates at their current level of power. However, some believe that the CP0 is being severely underestimated. Its members are not only probably stronger than anyone realizes, but their goal is something that No involves challenging the Straw Hats directly. If the Straw Hats aren’t careful, they could end up losing in ways they aren’t prepared for.

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How strong is CP0 relative to the Straw Hat Pirates?

Part of what makes fans unafraid of CP0 is who their best men are. Their ranks include the likes of Rob Lucci and Kaku, two of the strongest warriors to ever come out of CP9; they are presumably now the strongest members of CP0. However, Luffy and his friends defeated Lucci, Kaku, and the rest of CP9 years ago in Enies Lobby. If they did it once, they can certainly do it again.

On top of this, the Straw Hat Pirates as a whole have become much stronger since their fight with CP9. They have received all kinds of power-ups, improvements, new weapons and new allies. This is not to mention how they recently defeated an Emperor level pirate crew. As strong as CP0 is, there should be no way for them to reasonably overcome this power gap.

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As for whether CP0 is strong in his own right, it’s hard to say. Lucci’s greatest feats since the last time the Straw Hats faced him have been challenging the likes of Sabo and Sanji; not only were those two fights off-screen, but they were also featured in non-canon One piece films. Even if these can be taken as signs of how strong he’s become, it doesn’t mean much.

However, other than this, the combat capabilities of the rest of the CP0 are largely unknown. Kaku is probably second only to Lucci, since he was in Enies Lobby, but since Lucci’s current power is hard to gauge, so is his. Stussy doesn’t seem to be that strong, but she probably has a devil fruit ability that makes her difficult to handle. There is also the Bartholomew Kuma Seraph that they have with them; the Seraphim have proven to be troublesome even for the Straw Hats, so maybe there is something to worry about. In addition to these four, there may be other CP0 members coming to the island that are not yet known to the audience, such as the other former CP9 members. If everyone is strong enough to challenge the Straw Hats, then the entire Egghead Arc could easily become a renamed Enies Lobby Arc.

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Will the Straw Hats have to protect Dr. Vegapunk?

One Piece Chapter 1067 Pages 12-13

It’s also important to remember that CP0’s goal is to kill Vegapunk. The doctor also asked Luffy to get him out of Egghead in Chapter 1067, “Punk Records”; this is presumably to prevent the grim fate of him. CP0 will probably shoot to kill the Straw Hats if they get in his way, but his main target is the medic. The Straw Hats are capable fighters, but there are no guarantees for Vegapunk.

If it was a straight fight, the Straw Hats would probably win. However, this new escort mission could create a disadvantage for them. They would have to fight against CP0 weather preventing Vegapunk from being killed; this includes her main Stella body, her six satellites, and her giant brain housed at Punk Records. This not only makes the fight more challenging on the Straw Hats’ part, but if anything happens to Vegapunk, it will essentially be a loss for them.

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