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Iruma-Kun! Season 3, Episode 7 Features Clara’s Return

Welcome to the Demon School, Iruma-kun!The third season of the fall 2022 anime season has greatly expanded on the students of the abnormal class and their unique abilities. Iruma Suzuki and her demon classmates trained extensively to strengthen her lineage traits and discover new combat strategies, and in Episode 7, Valac Clara takes her turn.

By now, Clara is more than just a braggart troublemaker or class clown. More than anything, Clara takes her budding romantic feelings for Iruma Suzuki seriously, and she wishes to communicate those healthy feelings not just with words, but with her own seductiveness. Clara’s Toy Box makes its debut in Episode 7, but it’s strangely heartbreaking to watch.

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Iruma Suzuki recovers his lost childhood with Valac Clara

As Elizabetta X seduces Lead in another part of the Harvest Festival jungle, Valac Clara grabs Iruma and puts him in his large mascot-style costume, then reveals his new Toy Box technique. Clara teleports them both to a cartoony kingdom of colorful toys and games, an innocent kingdom perfect for any child to have fun and be themselves. Clara even reduces Iruma to a child, and Iruma’s thought process adjusts accordingly. The two spend hours running around with all kinds of toys, games, and food, causing Iruma to lose track of time. Deep down, Iruma knows that he must continue to fight in the Harvest Festival, but the charm of this Toy Box kingdom is too strong.

Iruma’s childhood adventure seems innocent enough, but it’s not. Iruma loses himself in these games, not only because of Clara’s appeal of her as a friend of hers, but because this is what Iruma never had in her actual childhood. By now, it’s easy to forget that Iruma’s parents treated their only child like a source of cheap labor, depriving the boy of any fun or innocence while they worked him to the bone.

That exploitative attitude is the reason why Mr. and Mrs. Suzuki eventually sold their son to the demon lord Sullivan, thus starting Iruma’s isekai adventure. Iruma just never got the chance to be a proper kid and enjoy his youth, but now, at 14, Iruma can temporarily recapture that childhood fling with Clara. This Toy Box actually means more to Iruma than it does to Clara herself, which is both touching and heartbreaking.

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What Toy Box means for Valac Clara

Valac Clara with toys and rainbow

Clara and Iruma enjoy the colorful Toy Box offerings equally, but for different reasons. For Iruma, this is a chance to recapture his lost childhood and be a carefree kid just for once. For Clara, this Toy Box is even more personal, but for more inspiring reasons. Until she met Iruma, Valac Clara was very unpopular and annoyed everyone with her energetic antics, making her bitterly lonely. Clara was being herself, but everyone rejected the real Valac Clara until Iruma Suzuki met her. Iruma’s generous acceptance of Clara for who she is inspired Clara to not only befriend him, but possibly love him; or at least, she really wants to seduce Iruma and make him hers.

Clara’s Toy Box is an expression of Clara’s unique brand of seduction. Clara doesn’t have conventional sex appeal, as her teacher Raim pointed out, but Clara’s innocence and friendly personality can win children over in other ways. Clara’s G-rated seduction mark is symbolic of her newfound self-acceptance and confidence, with Clara making people love her for how much she loves herself. Confidence is very attractive when looking for a partner, and Clara’s toy box shows Clara’s own confidence to express her true self and possess it.

This sets Clara apart from fellow seduction student Elizabetta X, who is more interested in conventional beauty and romancing boys like Lead, but there are still basic similarities. Seduction, for these demonic girls, is more than superficial R-rated acts: it’s about loving yourself first and being true to one’s desires. Elizabetta loves herself enough to think it’s worth having a book of happily ever after, and Clara loves herself enough to know it’s worth seducing Iruma not as the succubus she isn’t, but as the wholesome friend. What is it.

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