Insomniac and Marvel’s relationship is more harmonious than one might expect



The Insomniac executive claims his studio’s relationship with Marvel is actually more “harmonious” than some might expect.

The upcoming Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 video game is set to release next month and recent gameplay videos suggest it will be packed with tons of content. One would think that it would be difficult to create this content without running into issues with Marvel, such as logistical issues, banned plot points, and other restrictions. Rather, this is quite the opposite according to Creative Director Bryan Intihar.

Insomniac’s relationship with Marvel was revealed to be much more collaborative than one might expect. “They are not just Marvel, they are friends. And that has really helped me through the more difficult moments of trying to figure out a moment in the story or what we want to do with a certain character,” he says. “In the final stretch of spider man 1, we were trying to figure out how to make the fight at the end even better. And someone had the idea for Pete to create a suit based on Otto’s stuff. “A lot of that came from our collaboration with Marvel.”

However, this peculiar partnership between Insomniac and Marvel is not going anywhere because after Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, the next project will be Marvel’s Wolverine. The development team will continue to rely on Marvel’s input and hopefully it will continue to be a success.



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