Core points of Gamers


Core points of Gamers

Indiana Jones 5 Photos Show Harrison Ford is Still Ready for Action

New footage from Indiana Jones 5 shows Indy facing off against a sinister threat, running for his life and adventuring with his goddaughter, Helena.

This article covers a developing story. Please continue to check with us as we will add more information as it becomes available.

some new indiana jones 5 Images have been revealed, with one photo showing Harrison Ford’s lead character facing off against a shadowy threat.

shared on Twitter By Cinelinx editor-in-chief Jordan Maison, the new images also show Indy in plain clothes running down a city street, as well as his con-artist goddaughter Helena, played by Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

indiana jones 5 it will take place during the 1969 moon landing, with a confirmed action sequence taking place at the Apollo 11 ticker parade in New York. A first image of Mads Mikkelsen’s character was also revealed, giving fans a glimpse of the film’s villain, Voller, a former Nazi who is now involved in NASA’s moon landing program. He is inspired by the real life Werner von Braun, a Nazi turned NASA engineer.

indiana jones 5 opens in theaters on June 30, 2023.

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