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Ichigo’s Top 5 Fights Where He Grew as a Hero

Bleach is an action/adventure shonen anime series whose protagonist, Ichigo Kurosaki, has been through a lot since its inception. Ichigo has always been aware of the ghosts and spirits growing up, but when BleachIchigo’s main story was released, he actually started fighting those ghosts. Eventually, he fought to save the entire world as a homegrown shonen hero.

Ichigo fought many enemies in BleachThe story of , from assorted Hollows in Karakura Town to Soul Reapers and deadly Arrancars, and now, the mighty Quincy empire, the Wandenreich. Some of Ichigo’s victories simply allowed him to continue his journey or protect his friends, but in five keys Bleach battles, Ichigo really grew as a Soul Reaper substitute and as a person. Ichigo was never the same after surviving these battles.

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When Ichigo fought Fishbone D with Rukia’s powers

Ichigo’s first and most formative battles in the Bleach The anime participated in the first episode. The tsundere Soul Reaper Rukia Kuchiki visited Karakura Town one night to defeat a Hollow, only for that Hollow, Fishbone D, to overpower her. Fishbone D also damaged Kurosaki’s house and captured one of Ichigo’s sisters. In desperation, Rukia lent Ichigo her Soul Reaper powers, which in turn awakened Ichigo’s latent powers and turned him into a substitute Soul Reaper with an unnamed zanpakuto. Ichigo not only killed Fishbone D and saved the day, but he proved himself a true hero in that fight, and Ichigo knew there was no going back. This fight also brought out the truly heroic side of him, with Ichigo willing to always risk his life and save innocent people and Pluses from Hollows.

When Ichigo trained with Kisuke Urahara to win Zangetsu

Ichigo with mask and bandages

Ichigo’s nameless zanpakuto was broken when he fought Captain Byakuya Kuchiki, and Ichigo needed to get stronger in order to rescue Rukia in Soul Society. Already empowered by his early experiences as a Soul Reaper, Ichigo bravely asked Kisuke Urahara, the scientist, to train him, knowing it would be difficult and risky. Ichigo non-stop battled Kisuke in the underground training area, and even manifested his Hollow mask for the first time, foreshadowing his return in future story arcs. Ichigo also saw Zangetsu, the manifestation of his mother’s spirit Quincy, and learned to ask that spirit for his name. When Ichigo learned the name Zangetsu, he gained a new zanpakuto and learned to trust his own power from now on, not Rukia’s.

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When Ichigo fought Kenpachi Zaraki with his partner, Zangetsu

ichigo fighting with zangetsu supporting him

Ichigo learned to view Zangetsu as a reliable source of immense power during his training session with Kisuke Urahara, but there was more to learn. During the “Soul Society” story arc, Ichigo faced Renji Abarai and Ikkaku Madarame, only to face a real challenge: Captain Kenpachi Zaraki. Ichigo secretly feared Kenpachi and doubted himself, which he promptly lost. Ichigo then met Zangetsu once more and talked to him, learning that Zangetsu is not a tool but rather a partner or partner. Ichigo recognized his zanpakuto as his true equal and put all his trust in Zangetsu, and that changed everything. Ichigo faced Kenpachi once again with his power renewed from him, while Kenpachi had no such relationship with his own zanpakuto, Nozarashi. With this key advantage and this lesson in mind, Ichigo won the fight.

When Ichigo asserted himself as the king riding a horse

The Inner Hollow challenges Ichigo in Bleach.

In the “Arrancar” story arc, Ichigo battled with his inner Hollow, which kept fighting for control of his body. This cost Ichigo dearly in his battles with Yammy and Grimmjow, so he approached all eight Visoreds to train. During that training sequence, Ichigo fought an internal battle against his own Hollow, and the Hollow had a good point to make. The two Ichigo were not equal in that one would be the king in command while the other is the horse, or the subordinate source of strength and support. Ichigo hesitated at first, then acknowledged and accepted his own desire to wage war and use the Hollow as a weapon. This sharpened Ichigo’s resolve a bit, and the Hollow, impressed, submitted to him like the horse.

When Ichigo confirmed that he wanted to fight and defeat Grimmjow

Grimmjow is attacking aggressively.

When Ichigo rushed to Hueco Mundo to rescue Orihime, he thought that he was prepared to fight the ten Espadas, but he was wrong. Deep down, Ichigo was still afraid to fight his enemies despite being the “king”, and it showed. Ichigo held back against Dordoni and nearly lost what should have been an easy fight, and then got sloppy against Ulquiorra Schiffer, the 4th Espada. Finally, the 6th Espada, Grimmjow Jaegerjaques, told Orihime to heal Ichigo for one last battle to settle their rivalry. Ichigo put up a good fight with his Hollow mask on, but his resolve was still too weak and it nearly cost him the battle. Grimmjow continued to goad Ichigo into their long final fight, and at last Ichigo realized that Grimmjow was right. ichigo made storming into Las Noches to fight his enemies and win, and only with hard-won victories could he rescue Orihime and bring all his friends home alive. Ichigo would never again doubt his willingness to fight his enemies to the death to protect his loved ones.

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