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How Warrior Nun Sets Up Season 3

The following contains spoilers for Warrior Nun season 2, which is now streaming on Netflix.

Like season 2 of Warrior Nun relaxes, Ava and Beatrice face off like never before. No matter what they plan with the Order of the Cruciform Sword (OCS), Adriel and his cult always have the upper hand. He gets worse with Lilith and Father Vincent defecting to his side, but thankfully, they both turn their backs on the cosmic warlord.

Fortunately, Ava’s crew ekes out a victory, stopping Adriel and helping Reya return to her heavenly realm. However, Ava is injured and she too has to go there to heal, leaving a heartbroken Beatrice walking away from the OCS. With that in mind, let’s dig into what a possible third season could look like with a new invasion in the making.

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Warrior Nun Season 3 May Explore Reya’s Kingdom

warrior nun Season 2 didn’t shed any light on what’s on the other side of the ark’s portal, but season 3 gets to visit Reya’s kingdom with Ava recuperating there. It would be great to know what kind of world it is, if Reya is really a goddess and how she commands the Tarasks. There might even be more Adriel-like threats lurking around, so a bit more history and context for this mysterious domain would add nuance to its existence.

Ava’s training with Reya could further humanize the “deity,” forge a new friendship, and help Ava maximize her powers. The Halo belongs to Reya, after all, so tutelage under her command could make Ava more powerful than ever. Of course, if Reya helps Ava, the show can always forge another twist regarding whether Reya is using her and is in fact another puppeteer like Adriel looking for a new dominance.

Warrior Nun Season 3 May Bring Hell On Earth


Now, as vile as Adriel was in wanting to reclaim the planet, he said that he was strengthening it and using the demons of Reya’s realm as a protective legion. He kept warning of a war to come and that Hell would be brought to Earth. Whether through Reya, someone else in her realm, or another galactic army elsewhere, even Lilith reaffirmed that it is due.

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Therefore, Ava will have to make the OCS stronger than ever. She may return as a messianic weapon-wielding figure for the OCS as they fortify Earth from future incursions. Since Vincent and Mother Superion have returned to training recruits, and soldiers from all over the world are joining, the army will be bigger than ever. As for potential enemies, the show could always subvert Akuma and Helga as bloodthirsty conquerors from the source material, with monsters scarier than the Tarasks.

Warrior Nun Season 3 Needs More Leaders


Despite the OCS batting down the hatches and adding numbers, Adriel exposed his vulnerabilities. Fortunately, they are again on the side of the Catholic Church, but after Adriel killed the Pope and weakened the Church in terms of public relations, painting them as oppressors, the new Pope may not be so willing to work with the violent OCS. . Again, this would bring religion and politics into play, as a rebuild would require money, infrastructure, and the help of the Church leader.

Plus, Ava would need Beatrice back as her right-hand man and emotional rock, which intrigues fans if they continue to pursue romance or put the holy mission first. Jillian can also use her company’s ark-based technology to strengthen the OCS, especially if they need help getting Ava out of Reya’s realm. As for other colleagues, it’s possible that part of Michael (Jillian’s son) exists in Reya’s world, so Ava could always bring him back as a general. Lastly, Shotgun Mary’s body was never found in the war against Adriel, leaving people hoping that the badass warrior could return for season 3.

Should warrior nun receives a Season 3 renewal, the story set in the current season, from Reya’s kingdom, an impending war, and an Order of the Cruciform Sword in need of expansion, there are multiple avenues to follow in Netflix’s fantasy saga.

Warrior Nun season 2 is now streaming on Netflix.

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