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How to use Lady Sif in Marvel Snap

The Marvel Snap Trading Card Game is all about building a powerful deck of your favorite Marvel characters to take on other players. Each deck you create has only 12 cards, and battles last only six rounds. But fighting over three random locations makes for a different tactical experience each time. Lady Sif is a character that many players talk about and with good reason. Here we will discuss how to use Lady Sif in Marvel Snap.

How to get Lady Sif in Marvel Snap

You get more unique cards in your collection while playing Marvel Snap games. They are slightly random, as you will get all the cards from pool one before you get others. Lady Sif is a Group One card, so it will be one of the first 50 or so cards you get while playing. His ability is in revealing, discard the highest cost card from your hand. This makes Lady Sif very useful to use anywhere. discard deck and there are enough cards in pool one to make it a good choice even for beginners.

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The classic combination for a Lady Sif deck is with Apocalypse. Apocalypse is a six cost card with eight powers. But if you discard it from your hand, he returns to your hand with a plus four Power. Which means that playing Apocalypse in round six is ​​pretty sure to win whatever lane you enter. You can include Sword master (discard a card from your hand) to potentially add four more Powers to Apocalypse. while adding america chavez (you always draw it on turn six) gives you a security blanket if you never draw Apocalypse.

Other Group One cards that work well in a Lady Sif deck are Sword (discard a card from your hand) and Glutton (if discarded, play at a random location), while interruption cards like Korg (shuffles a Rock into his deck) and electra (upon reveal, kill a one-cost card at its location) will keep your opponent off balance.

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