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How to use Enchantress in Marvel Snap

The mobile and PC trading card game Marvel Snap sees players compete against each other in six-round battles. The more you play, the more cards become available to you and eventually you will have hundreds to choose from. For each pairing, build a deck of 12 cards. But some are easier to use than others. So how do you use the Enchantress card in the Marvel Snap?

How to get Enchantress in Marvel Snap

In Marvel Snap, Enchantress is a Pool One card, which means you’ll get it as one of your first 50 or so cards. She is considered one of the best. pool letters oneas it has multiple uses. You can build around it as part of a control platform or use it as a wild card in any other deck simply to mess with your opponent’s plans.

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as a disruptor, Enchantress is a powerful card. There are a lot of Ongoing Theme Decks when playing against other Group One opponents, thanks to six-cost cards Onslaught (Doubles other ongoing effects) and Spectrum (gives two more Power to your current cards). In the perfect lane, he can take out three or four ongoing effects at once, often handing you the game.

In a Marvel Snap control platform, Enchantress should be a ubiquitous card at least until you dive into Pool Three. The idea of ​​a Control Deck is to give you maximum options while negating the effects of an opponent’s cards, winning with low scores by playing their plans.

While in Group One, along with Enchantress, you’ll want to include other disruptive cards including Korg (puts rocks in his deck), Scarlet Witch (changes a location ability), Cosmos (negates On Reveal abilities), and Spider woman (minus a Power to the opponent’s cards). On the other hand, control your own destiny with Night Tracker (it can be moved), Professor X (blocks a location), and america chavez (always drawn on turn six).

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