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In Starfield, venturing through the cosmos becomes an exhilarating experience with the Boost Pack, a Jetpack device pivotal for both exploration and mobility. This guide delves deep into the mechanics, and acquisition, and enlightens how to use Boost Packs in Starfield, ensuring you’re primed for every aerial adventure the universe holds.

Key Takeaways

  • Boost Packs, akin to jetpacks in Starfield, are vital for exploring vast alien environments.
  • Skill points must be allocated to Boost Pack Training for effective use.
  • Backgrounds like Bounty Hunter or Soldier grant early Boost Pack access.
  • The Constellation Backpack is a primary Boost Pack, acquired early in the main story.
  • Boost Packs can be upgraded via Skill Tree allocations and the Spacesuit Workbench.
  • Different Boost Packs cater to various playstyles, from power surges to balanced flights.
  • Boost Packs are advantageous on low-gravity planets and when over-encumbered.
  • Special Boost Packs, functioning like backpack oxygen tanks, offer advanced double-jump abilities.

What Is Boost Pack In Starfield?

Boost Pack
Boost Pack (picture credits: eXputer)

A Boost Pack, often termed a jetpack in Starfield, is an essential exploration tool. Once equipped, players can glide through alien environments, covering vast distances with ease. Integral to gameplay, Boost Packs are enhanced with the Boost Pack Training skill, permitting varying fuel efficiencies and thrust strengths across different ranks.

Prerequisites For Using Boost Packs

Before you can soar through the vastness of space with your Boost Pack, there’s a small step you need to take. In Starfield, your ability to glide using a Boost Pack isn’t automatic; it’s something you have to earn!

Here’s what you need to do: Allocate a skill point to the Boost Pack Training. Think of it as attending a short training session for your jetpack. By investing in this skill, you gain the foundational knowledge to activate and use your Boost Pack effectively.

How To Get Boost Pack In Starfield

Tech Skills
Tech Skills in Starfield (picture credits: eXputer)

In your galactic journey through Starfield, the Boost Pack emerges as an essential piece of equipment to enhance your mobility. Here’s your comprehensive guide to acquiring it:

1. Boost Pack Training Skill

Before you soar through the stars with a Boost Pack, you must first unlock the Boost Pack Training skill. This skill not only allows you to use the Boost Pack but also enhances its functionality as you allocate more points to it.

2. Bounty Hunter Or Soldier Backgrounds

If you’re eager to get your hands on a Boost Pack early in the game, your character’s background matters. Opting for the Bounty Hunter or Soldier backgrounds gives you a head start, granting you early access to this equipment.

3. Main Story

For those who’ve opted for other backgrounds, fear not. Engage with the main storyline, and within the initial few hours, you’ll be rewarded with the Constellation Backpack – a prime Boost Pack that aids your spacefaring adventures.

  • To acquire the ideal backpack to jetpack in Starfield, progress through the main story for the initial two hours.
  • Once you navigate the introductory events on Vectera, Barrett, your Starfield ally, will introduce you to Constellation and hand over his ship for a trip to The Lodge on New Atlantis.
  • Stay on course with the storyline and objectives, leading you to New Atlantis.
  • Once at The Lodge, engage with Sarah Morgan. Upon accepting her invitation to join Constellation, you’ll be rewarded with the Constellation Backpack.

How To Upgrade Boost Pack In Starfield?

As you progress and explore, it’s crucial to ensure your Boost Pack is up to par with the challenges the universe throws at you.

Skill Tree Upgrades

The key to enhancing the efficiency and power of your Boost Pack lies within your skill tree.

  • Here, players have the opportunity to allocate points to both ‘Boost Pack Training’ and ‘Boost Assault Training‘.
  • Each skill point invested not only optimizes the Boost Pack’s performance but also unlocks new potential abilities that can turn the tide of any space battle or exploration challenge.

Spacesuit Workbench

Starfield offers players a unique feature—the Spacesuit Workbench. Situated on many planets and within select spaceships, this workbench is a hub for all your boost pack needs.

It allows players to swap their existing Boost Packs for superior, more advanced models. Upgrading isn’t just about raw power; it’s about selecting the right Boost Pack that fits your playstyle and current mission objectives.

Boost Pack Training Skill & Its Perks

Venturing through Starfield? Then you might want to get familiar with the Boost Pack Training Skill! Like a crash course in jetpack mastery, each rank you unlock offers you better control and efficiency with your Boost Pack. Here’s the breakdown:

Rank 1

This is where it all begins! Unlocking this rank allows you to strap on that Boost Pack and get airborne. So if you fancy some mid-air gliding, this is your starting point.

Rank 2

Boost around without burning through fuel too quickly. With this skill, you’re becoming a pro at saving energy and making your Boost Pack’s fuel last longer.

Rank 3

Tired of waiting around? This rank ensures your Boost Pack’s fuel regenerates at a quicker rate, reducing those pesky downtimes and keeping you airborne more often.

Rank 4

This is for the serious Starfield jetpack enthusiasts! It combines all the benefits from the previous ranks and then doubles them. You’re essentially the Boost Pack’s best friend at this level.

If you’re looking for essential Starfield jetpack functionality without delving too deep into mastering it, just stick with Rank 1. It gives you the freedom to glide around, especially on those planets with low gravity where you’ll naturally float.

How To Operate Boost Packs In Starfield

Constellation Pack
Constellation Pack (picture credits: eXputer)

Venturing across the vast expanses of space in Starfield requires more than just walking. Enter the Boost Pack – your ticket to gliding through alien landscapes. But before you soar, let’s break down the basics of operating this handy gadget.

  1. Before you jump (literally), ensure you have a Boost Pack strapped on.
  2. A popular starter choice is the Constellation Pack, a trusty companion you’ll snag at The Lodge in Jemison. Think of it as your first pair of wings.
  3. Once you’re in the air, give that jump button another press. Feel that? That’s you gliding!
  4. With your Boost Pack, it’s not just a single leap but a series of them.
  5. Hit that jump button a few more times.
  6. Each press gives you a brief glide.
  7. Just remember, each glide consumes fuel in Starfield so keep an eye on it!

Quick Tip: The more jumps you make, the longer you glide. However, your flight is governed by the amount of fuel you have. So, manage your jumps wisely and ensure you don’t run out of juice mid-air.

Types of Boost Packs In Starfield

In the vast cosmos of Starfield, not all boost packs are made equal. Each one comes with its unique twist, catering to different playstyles and planetary adventures. Let’s dive into the different types to help you pick your perfect aerial companion:

1. Basic Boost Pack

Think of this as the Starter Pack for beginners. It’s straightforward, without any fancy bells or whistles. Ideal for those who just want a simple, no-fuss boost in the air.

2. Power Boost Pack

Crave that intense upward surge? This is the boost pack for thrill-seekers. With fewer bursts but stronger thrusts, it’s perfect for scaling tall obstacles or escaping sticky situations in a flash.

3. Skip-Velocity Boost Pack

For explorers who prefer skimming the terrain, this one’s for you. It offers many bursts, but each with a gentle push. It’s like hopping from one spot to another, letting you cover ground quickly without soaring too high.

4. Balanced Boost Pack

Can’t decide between power and speed? The Balanced Boost Pack is the middle ground, combining the best of both worlds. It provides a harmonious mix of strong thrusts and rapid skips, making it a versatile choice for any adventure.

Pro Tip: While starting out with the Basic Boost Pack is great for getting a feel, don’t hesitate to experiment with the others as you progress. Your choice can greatly influence how you tackle challenges and explore the diverse planets of Starfield.

Advantages of Boost Packs In Starfield

Inventory in Starfield(picture credits: eXputer)

Whether you’re a trader with too much cargo or an explorer charting low-gravity worlds, Boost Packs come to the rescue in surprising ways. Here’s an overview of why they’re every spacefarer’s must-have gear item in the game.

1. Galactic Floating on Low-Gravity Planets

Ever dreamed of effortlessly gliding over an alien landscape?

  • On planets where gravity barely tugs at your boots, Boost Packs enhance your aerial movement.
  • Instead of just a simple jump, you can cover vast distances, floating over obstacles and enjoying a bird’s-eye view of the mysterious terrains below.

2. Reducing Overload Problem

Most players in games like Starfield have been there—too many artifacts to collect, too many alien plants to sample.

  • Before you know it, you’re weighed down by your discoveries.
  • Enter the Boost Pack. When you’re over-encumbered, it lends that extra thrust, helping you move more easily. It’s like having a personal assistant, but for interstellar adventures.
  • Boost Packs aren’t just about going up; they’re about going further, whether it’s traversing expansive landscapes or managing the weight of your cosmic findings.

Gear And Boost Packs

At its core, a Boost Pack in Starfield functions like a backpack oxygen tank, providing life-saving oxygen in the vacuum of space. But it’s more than just a regular oxygen supplier—it’s your ticket to unprecedented mobility.

  • While all packs guarantee breathability, some come with a little extra kick.
  • These special variants have a built-in boost feature.
  • Think of it as your very own space double-jump!
  • With the tap of a button, you’ll find yourself propelled upwards or forwards, reaching places and perspectives you once thought unattainable.

In Starfield, mastering the Boost Pack is essential for a seamless cosmic journey. This guide has mentioned the intricacies of acquiring, upgrading, and maximizing these Starfield jetpacks for unparalleled space exploration. As you traverse alien terrains and soar through starlit skies, let the Boost Pack be your trusted companion.

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