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How to unlock the Vinegaroon mount in Final Fantasy XIV

In patch 6.1 of Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, a half dozen new mounts had been added to the sport. Of of those was Vinegaroon, a fearsome dinosaur we’ve earlier encountered as an enemy in dungeons and the broader world. More particularly within the Dravanian Forelands.

But how do you unlock the Vinergaroon mount in Final Fantasy so you may have your personal pet dinosaur?

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How to get Vinegaroon in Final Fantasy XIV

Vinegaroon is unlocked by buying it with 3,200 Clan Nuts. Clan Nuts are the forex that’s generated by finishing Hunts related to the Shadowbringers and Endwalker enlargement.

You can tackle hunts by heading to the Guildship Hunt Board. The most up-to-date and beneficial hunts can be found in Old Sharlayan, at X: 11.8, Y 13.2. These yield between three and 100 Clan Nuts per hunt, so are the best choice for farming this mount.

Once you’ve obtained your 3,200 Clan Nuts, head to the NPC J’lakshai <Guildship Hunt Vendor>, additionally situated at X: 11.8, Y 13.2.

The Vinegaroon Horn ought to be one of many high gadgets on the record. Purchase the horn and use it whereas it’s in your stock to unlock the Vinegaroon mount. 

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