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How to unlock the Troll mount in Final Fantasy XIV

The fearsome Trolls have been a brand new mob added within the Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker growth. Giant, virtually birdlike ogres, these creatures obtained loads of fan recognition due to their inclusion within the earliest zones of the growth.

Now in patch 6.1, a brand new Troll mount has been added. But how do you unlock the Troll mount in Final Fantasy XIV?

How to get the Troll mount

To unlock the Troll mount, you’ll want 600 Faux Leaves, the forex earned from enjoying Faux Hollows. Faux Hollows is a mini-game that challenges you to beat a few of the most difficult fights of previous expansions up to date with max-level stats.

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To take part in Faux Hollows, you’ll first have to be sure you’ve unlocked it. Faux Hollows is unlocked by speaking to the Painfully Ishgardian Man at X: 7, Y: 5.9 in Idyllshire.

Completing these so-called Unreal Trials permits you to play a recreation just like “battleship” with the Faux Commander. Successfully uncovering illustrations on the Faux Hollows board unlocks Faux Leaves, which might be exchanged for prizes.

Just like most rewards in-game, they reset each Tuesday at 1:00 am PDT. The Unreal Trials for Faux Hollows might be discovered simply utilizing the Raid Finder. It’s loads of work, however a fluffy-but-terrifying Troll is your reward!

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