Core points of Gamers


Core points of Gamers

How to unlock the Nike Connect jerseys in MLB: The Show 22

To kick off the launch of MLB: The Show, the primary Diamond Dynasty occasion options the Nike Connect jerseys that debuted for the 2021 season. To unlock the Nike Connect jerseys, you need to win occasion video games and moments to earn stars.

To full the occasion prize monitor, you need to earn 96 whole stars to unlock all seven Nike Connect jerseys. To full occasion video games, go to Online Modes in Diamond Dynasty and choose Events. You will go nose to nose with gamers with set guidelines.

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An simpler strategy to full the Nike Connect jersey unlocks is to finish the Event Moments. Go to the Programs Tab, choose Nike City Connect Program, then scroll right down to Moments. Select a Moment to play it and earn stars. Many of the Moments are both one at-bat, one inning or a number of, and reward multiple star.

Completing the entire Moments will earn you 70 stars, so you’ll nonetheless have to finish different aims or video games. You may alternate gamers from sure groups to earn stars to finish the Nike Connect unlocks.

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