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How to unlock the Empyreum Ishgard housing district in Final Fantasy XIV

Ishgardian housing has been one thing that gamers in Final Fantasy XIV have been wanting ahead to for nearly two full years now, and eventually, it is right here with the discharge of patch 6.1. Called the Empyreum, the Ishgard housing district is the product of the Ishgardian Restoration undertaking that gamers labored over for a lot of the Shadowbringers growth.

But now it is right here; how do you unlock the Empyreum housing in Final Fantasy XIV? Luckily it is only a quick questline!

How to get an Empyreum House in FFXIV

Your first step is to speak to Gondelimbaud. He’s situated at X: 9.9, Y: 11.8 close to the Foundation Aetheryte Plaza. He’ll provide the quest Ascending to Empyreum. Accept the hunt and head to the following location.

That will likely be in Brume. You’ll want to talk to Thomelin (X: 14.2, Y: 12.5), who provides you with a quick spiel concerning the Empyreum earlier than you’ll be able to enter the realm. This will likely be adopted by a quick cutscene introducing the realm.

Your ultimate quest marker would be the Highmorn Herald (X: 11.6 , Y: 14.4). Speak to her to her as she introduces the housing district. Finally, Teleport again to Gondelimbaud in Foundation to finish the hunt.

You’ll now be capable to head to any of the plots and try and buy a home. To do that, choose the Aetheryte in Foundation and choose Residential District. There are 24 housing wards, with 1-18 reserved for Free Company housing and 19-24 for private housing. 

Look for one with a Gil quantity subsequent to its quantity to buy one. That means it is on the market. Teleport to that ward, and discover the plot. Click on the placard subsequent to the plot to be entered into the raffle for the home. The raffle will take 4 days to finish, after which period you will be notified whether or not you received a home or not. Good luck!

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